The NFL’s Cleveland Browns released quarterback Johnny Manziel on Friday, citing “conduct detrimental to the club.”

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The Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz argument has dominated the Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles rivalry for the last several years. Both players were young quarterbacks on the rise, and both fan groups wanted to think their quarterback was the best.

Fast forward to 2021, and the next argument pitting Prescott against Jalen Hurts is scheduled to take place. From a career standpoint, it’s much too early to compare Hurts to Prescott (Hurts hasn’t even played a complete season yet). The Cowboys, on the other hand, were contemplating adding Hurts to their own roster not long ago.

Jalen Hurts was a top pre-draft target for the Cowboys.

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones (son of Jerry Jones) made some telling remarks regarding Dallas’ interest in Hurts during a post-draft radio interview. The Cowboys, like the Eagles, believed Hurts had the makings of a high-ceiling backup quarterback.

“We searched everywhere. Obviously, Dak is our man, but Mike is a strong believer in keeping an eye on quarterbacks. In the second round, he went off the board like he should have,” Jones said. “We were very interested in him…”

According to Jones’ remarks, the Cowboys intended to designate Hurts as Prescott’s backup if he was selected. At the time, though, there was considerable doubt about Prescott’s long-term future in Dallas. Maybe they were considering bringing him in to take Prescott’s place? Hurts took up the position from former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in Philly quickly, as we now know.

Hurts was selected in the second round by the Cowboys, but they declined. Instead, they went for Trevon Diggs, a former Alabama teammate who is quickly establishing himself as a strong starting cornerback.

Hurts was also likened to Prescott by Stephen Jones.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts playing against the Cowboys.

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts playing against the Cowboys. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/Jalen Hurts

During the same radio interview, Jones went a step farther and made a direct comparison between Hurts and Prescott.

He’s a dedicated worker. To some extent, he reminds you of our man Dak [Prescott] — I’m not going to get into all the specifics of the talents — but his leadership, competitiveness, and success are immediately reminiscent of our guy Dak [Prescott]. And this is what I’m seeing from a distance. It is unjust for me to pass judgment.

103.5 FM’s Stephen Jones The Supporter

Hurts was the subject of pre-draft study by the Cowboys, who have said that he is comparable to Prescott. Clearly, there was a lot of excitement at work.

Hurts, the Cowboys, and the Eagles all came out on top in the end.

In the end, everything worked out well for all parties concerned. Hurts was selected by a team eager to make a quarterback change, while Prescott and the Cowboys agreed to a huge multi-year contract.

Prescott was out for the most of 2020 due to a serious ankle injury, but he’s already back in play and looking like his old self. On the other side, the Eagles are coming off a humiliating Week 2 defeat. Hurts, on the other hand, is showing signs of improving as the season continues. If he does, he has a good chance of becoming the team’s starting in 2022.

It’s a fun alternative world to contemplate, one in which Hurts ends up in Dallas. Hurts, on the other hand, is now the quarterback of the Cowboys’ main opponent. In central Texas, he’s the public’s worst adversary.

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