The armor of Chaos Gate Daemonhunters is a unique model that has been created for the hunters of daemons and chaos. It closely resembles the garb worn by other members of an elite chosen force who, in turn, are modeled after Azariah Kyras himself.



You might argue that the greatest armor in Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters is all Terminator Armor, but you can’t put it on every class. Naturally, some Power Armor ranks among the greatest armor.

The finest armor in Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters will be included in our guide. All armor versions are unlocked on one of three levels, which players may mix and match as they see fit.

Chaos Gate Daemonhunters’ best Tier I Armor

Flame’s Warrant

  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +3 Defense

With enhanced resists and a handful of key grenade bonuses, this is an ideal Tier I armor for the Justicar class.

Flame’s Warrant provides knights with +1 grenade ammo and area, allowing for more effective and longer AoE burns.

Tactical Dreadnought is a perk that shields your knight against knockbacks.


  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +2 Defense

If severe protection is more important to you than getting damage benefits, the Steadfast armor will suffice.

It has a slightly lower defense stat than Flame’s Warrant, but in addition to an already mentioned Tactical Dreadnought perk, players also get a 20% Resistance bonus.

This is the greatest armor for protecting your knight from all types of Afflictions that might otherwise cause you a great deal of problems.


  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +3 Defense

If you want to concentrate on activating abilities, Warpscourge is the finest Tier I armor to use.

This armor gives your knight +2 Willpower, allowing you to be more versatile with your skills.

However, it possesses Warp Suppression, which prevents Warp Surge from growing whenever you utilize your psychic skills.

Chaos Gate Daemonhunters’ best Tier II Armor

Refuge of Fate

  • Armor of Strength
  • +2 Move speed

Although Power Armor is not as durable as Terminator, it allows players to move more freely.

What makes Refuge of Fate notable among the best armor is that it has the Enhanced Mobility bonus, which allows players to climb over obstacles, which otherwise you’d have to circle around.

Finally, this armor is immune to hazards, thus all of the damage will be reduced.

The Flame’s Heart

  • Armor of Strength
  • +2 Grenade Damage

This is another piece of armor that emphasizes harm rather than defense.

The Flame’s Heart not only increases damage of your grenades, but also the range, which in this case is +4, and ammo +1.

If you play as a DPS class, then The Flame’s Heart is easily among the best armor options to equip.


  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +2 Defense

This armor is essentially an enhanced version of the Steadfast armor, except instead of a 20% Resistance increase, you receive a 25% benefit.

Your knight also receives a +2 HP increase, which is the standard improvement for Tier II armor.


  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +4 Defense

Warpscorn is an example of a functional upgrade to the Warpscourge armor with the maximum potential default armor bonus of +4.

It improves your Willpower to +3 in addition to the strong defensive stat, but the rest is identical to the Warpscourge variety.

Chaos Gate Daemonhunters’ best Tier III Armor


  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +3 Defense

The nicest thing about Tier III armor of any kind is that it may sometimes provide gamers with unique features not found in any other kind.

This armor comes with the Penitent perk, which enables players to use their HP to activate abilities after their Willpower has been depleted.

Morningplate becomes one of the greatest armor components with this single update, and it may practically save your game.

Guardian of the Flame

  • Armor of the Terminator
  • Armor: +2 Defense

Players who are looking for a way to increase their damage even further can use the Guardian of the Flame armor, which functions as a straight upgrade of the Flame’s Warrant and The Flame’s Heart variants.

This one also gives another set of bonus points to your grenade damage and range, as well as a large boost in your knight’s HP of +3.

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