The Denver Broncos, fresh off their Super Bowl 50 victory over the Carolina Panthers, have a potential starting quarterback for their upcoming season. While many remain on the fence about whether to select Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook, most believe it will be Lynch.

Fans of the New England Patriots will want to keep an eye on backup quarterback Trevor Siemian, who will be serving as Tom Brady’s backup against the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

This week, the Denver Broncos will head to the practice field for the first time as the team prepares to face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. While the team has been busy preparing for this week’s big game, the quarterback situation has been in a constant state of flux. The ideal scenario is to have a healthy quarterback leading the team into battle, but due to injuries, the Broncos have had to turn to a young gunslinger—and he’s only gotten better as the season has progressed.. Read more about vic fangio and let us know what you think.

The Denver Broncos are one step closer to finding out which Teddy Bridgewater they’ll have on their two-deep: the one who might not have been as good as his 11-5 record with the Minnesota Vikings suggested in 2015 or the one who was almost certainly better than his 4-11 record with the Carolina Panthers last season.

Teddy Bridgewater is getting closer to being named the Broncos’ starting quarterback.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater of the Denver Broncos looks on during an NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. | Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater of the Denver Broncos looks on during an NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. | Steph Chambers/Getty Images The Denver Broncos’ Teddy Bridgewater looks on during an NFL preseason game in Seattle against the Seattle Seahawks. | Getty Images/Steph Chambers

In the Broncos’ 30-3 thrashing of the Seattle Seahawks in the second full weekend of the NFL preseason, Bridgewater only played two series. He threw for 105 yards and a touchdown on 9 of 11 passing, leading Denver to a pair of scores against a first-string defense.

After surviving back-to-back sacks, Drew Lock, the other candidate for the starting position, completed 9 of 14 passes for 80 yards. He’s trying to forget about his 2020 season, when he threw a league-high 15 interceptions as the Broncos’ second-round selection in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Bridgewater’s three-year, $63 million deal fell out of favor after only one season. Bridgewater’s 15 touchdowns to 11 interceptions ratio wasn’t fantastic, but any fair assessment of his performance should take into account the fact that he remained on his feet (31 sacks in 15 games) and had a 92.1 passer rating. It’s not like he suddenly forgot what was working on the other 80 yards of the field if the Panthers were struggling in the red zone.

Teddy Bridgewater reminds Vic Fangio is a well-known figure in the world a little bit of Tom Brady.

Vic Fangio: “There’s 2 types of elusive quarterbacks—one’s that run around, & there’s the other ones that manipulate the pocket to buy time. The best of that in the past 20 years has been Tom Brady, & [Bridgewater’s] got a little of that in him, as far as manipulating the pocket”

August 22, 2021 — Zac Stevens (@ZacStevensDNVR)

“Obviously, Teddy did well. After the preseason game, third-year Broncos head coach Vic Fangio remarked, “You guys witnessed it.” “Some of his best plays were difficult quarterback plays in which he had to maneuver the pocket, move up, step laterally, and wait for something to open late. I felt he did a fantastic job.”

Bridgewater is the clear favorite to start as quarterback against the New York Giants in Week 1 on Sept. 12, but Fangio has yet to commit.

Nonetheless, Fangio made a statement after Saturday’s win that is worth recalling.

“There are two kinds of elusive quarterbacks: those who dash about and those who manipulate the pocket in order to gain time. In the last 20 years, Tom Brady has been the greatest at it, and (Bridgewater) has a bit of that in him when it comes to pocket manipulation.”

Vic Fangio

It’s been a long time since Tom Brady has lost a quarterback battle, at least according to our records.

The veteran seems to be the best bet.

There’s no law requiring Bridgewater to retain the job throughout the season, but he makes sense as the starter in Week 1. He is paid $11.5 million this season, despite the Panthers paying up more than $7 million of the bill. As a result, the Broncos will want to see enough of Bridgewater in action before deciding what to do with him in 2022.

If Bridgewater fails to impress, Denver can release him and just lose a sixth-round selection while keeping Lock under contract for next season. Bridgewater, 28, has put the devastating knee injury he suffered just before the 2016 season start behind him. If he can establish himself this season, the Broncos should bet on him instead of Lock.

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Teddy Bridgewater, an NFL quarterback, took a high school junior to her prom.

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