Although there are many ways to get materials, farming is the most reliable way of obtaining them. This guide will help you farm efficiently and locate possible spots for new locations.

The “scourgestone v rising” is a game that can be played with two players. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 100 points by getting your stones into the other player’s territory.

Scourgestone is one of the most precious and rare crafting elements in V Rising, and it’s used to make silver ingots and jewelry, therefore many people are trying to figure out how to get it.

In V Rising, this guide will show you all of the available Scourgestone farming areas. You’ll also discover how to make it, as well as an alternative way for farming it from mob drops.

In V Rising, how can you farm Scourgestone?

The Church of the Damned is a place of worship for the damned.


The first notable location for farming Scourgestone is in the north of the Dunley Farmlands at the The Church of the Damned is a place of worship for the damned..

Scourgestone is most likely to spawn within treasure chests and drop from monsters in this region. So go over it meticulously in search of the most Scourgestones.

You may also discover the following critical treasure here:

Dunley Monastery is a monastery in Dunley, England.


In the west of the Dunley Farmlands you will find Dunley Monastery is a monastery in Dunley, England.. This location is special due to it having a high level of holy radiation.

You won’t discover Scourgestone in chests or from creatures here; instead, check inside coffins, since here is where Scourgestone tends to spawn.

You will be able to get the following materials in addition to Scourgestone:

  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Lily of the Valley of Mourning
  • Scroll

Villages from the past


In the northeastern part of the world map you will find the area called the Cursed Forest, which accommodates two Villages from the past located in the west and east of the area.

Again, don’t anticipate creatures to drop Scourgestone here; instead, smash all of the crates you encounter to get this important mineral.

Here’s some more stuff you could find:

  • Shroom of the Dead
  • Iron Ore
  • Yarn with a Ghost
  • Dust with Spectral Properties
  • Schematic

Farm that has been abandoned


The last location, where you can get Scourgestone is the Farm that has been abandoned located in the eastern part of the Dunlay Farmlands.

Scarecrow mobs, who have a high chance of dropping Scourgestones, will be encountered here. They will seem to be docile at first, but you must approach and strike them in order for them to become hostile and attack you.

You’ll discover some Wool Thread here, but not much more than Scourgestone.

In V Rising, how can you make Scourgestone?

You can also craft Scourgestone using the recipe obtained after defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess, a Level 46 boss who can be found at the The Church of the Damned is a place of worship for the damned..

Scourgestone is made using the following recipe:

  • Whetstone 1
  • 3 Glass
  • 3 Grave Debris

The bandit camps, which can be found all across the southern sections of Farbane Woods, are the greatest sites to farm Whetstone. You may be able to discover them near the Bastion of Dunley if you’re fortunate.

Glass is another rare material, which at this point can be found mostly at the Dunley Monastery is a monastery in Dunley, England..

If you’re looking for Grave Dust, go to the Farbane Woods’ cemeteries and graveyards.

Building Tombs

Finally, you may build Tombs that generate several sorts of creatures, like Skeleton Bishops and Banshis, who have a chance of dropping Scourgestone.

After killing Goreswine the Ravager, a Level 27 monster that roams the southern woodlands of the Farbane Woods region, you may get the crafting recipe for this construction.

The formula for making a single tomb is straightforward:

This approach uses less resources than making Scourgestones, but it takes longer for creatures to spawn.

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