There are many ways to salvage a sinking ship. The owner might reduce the cost of tickets and/or discounts for all riders, get rid of unnecessary crew members, give out free food and drinks, or advertising on social media.

V Rising is a new game that has been released by Glu. This game is based on the popular anime “Vampire Knight”. The game allows players to choose between two characters: Yuki and Zero. The goal of the game is to find and destroy all the vials in each level, while fighting against enemies. Each character has their own special abilities, which will help you get through levels easier.



It may be a bit irritating in V Rising to see an item that can be salvaged but not know how to do it. The inventory shortage is made worse by having ancient armor or other goods that you wish to salvage for their raw materials but are unable to do so.

Depending on where you are in the game’s advancement, it could take some time before you can recover goods. Fortunately, it’s not too far into the game, but it’s enough to prevent people who have just played for a short while from putting their best foot forward right away.

Salvaging in V Rising

You must first unlock a certain workstation before you can begin salvaging stuff. Although it would be a bit generous to refer to it as a workstation.

In V Rising, you must defeat a V Carrier boss in order to unlock the Devourer, which is required to salvage things.

Lidia the Chaos Archer is in possession of the Devourer’s plans. Level 26 boss Lidia has a propensity to basically roam the map. As with other V Carriers, your best chance for finding Lidia is to just visit your Blood Altar and follow her blood. She could be nearby, but perhaps she won’t be too far away.

To install the Devourer blueprint in your castle and begin construction after killing Lidia the Chaos Archer, you’ll need 12 planks and six copper ingots.

The wait to be able to salvage using the Devourer may be annoying, to put it mildly, due to a lack of inventory space. Level 20 characters should be able to kill Lidia with about the same amount of effort as killing a level 20 V Carrier. It is absolutely feasible to kill Lidia much below her own level.

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