Tyrann Mathieu used one tweet to fire back at Le’Veon Bell’s Andy Reid comment, and he did it in a way that shows exactly why he’s one of the best players on the Arizona Cardinals defense, and one of the best defensive backs in the entire NFL.

Tyrann Mathieu has been one of the Cardinals’ best defenders this season, but he’s also one of the most polarizing players in the NFL because of his off-the-field issues. While Mathieu doesn’t have the longest tenure in the league, he’s one of the most decorated, having won a Super Bowl, been a Pro Bowler and also served as the Cardinals’ defacto linebacker while they were without the services of one of their better defenders.

Tyrann Mathieu, a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, has gained a high amount of publicity this month because of his controversial quotes about the Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell. After Bell picked up an ankle injury with two weeks left in the 2017 regular season, Mathieu tweeted, “Le’Veon Bell sucks.”

Running back Le’Veon Bell blamed Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid in a not-so-shocking statement. While most players have enjoyed playing under Reid during his coaching career, Bell is a man who has never been afraid to speak his mind, so he recently shared his thoughts on the coach on Instagram. But one of Reed’s current Chiefs players had something to say about that: Tyrant Matthew.

Le’Veon Bell says he will never play under Chiefs coach Andy Reid again

Bell was arguably the best running back in the NFL, but in recent years he’s been something else. A three-time Pro Bowl winner and two-time first-team All-Pro selection with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bell played for the New York Jets in 2019. He ran for just 789 yards and scored just 461 yards with reception. Bell then started the 2020 season with the Jets and rushed for 74 yards in two games, but New York eventually let him go and he moved to the Chiefs. In nine games for Kansas City, Bell has scored 254 yards and two touchdowns. Despite being part of the Chiefs team that reached the Super Bowl, Bell only ran for six yards on two attempts in the playoffs. He has since shown his displeasure with playing under KC coach Andy Reid, posting a cryptic comment on Instagram at the weekend in which he said: I will never play under Andy Reed again …. I’m retiring first, ESPN reported. word-image-8387 word-image-8388 (Left to right) Tyrann Mathieu and Le’Veon Bell. | Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images; Mike Stobe/Getty Images Tyrann Mathieu played the last two seasons for the Chiefs and was a first team All-Pro selection both years. Of course, he also helped lead Kansas City to a Super Bowl victory in the 2019 season. On Sunday, Mathieu took to Twitter to defend his coach a bit while responding to Bell. In response to a tweet that said: I wonder what prompted [Bell] to say that, Mathieu replied bluntly. These guys will blame everyone for their lack of success, tweeted Mathieu . That’s how I know I’m made different. Mathieu was clearly not happy with Bell’s comment. Reid seems to be a coach that many players like and respect, so it’s odd to see someone who thinks otherwise. It’s also unclear if Bell saw Mathieu’s tweet, but the former Pro Bowl running back has already apologized. I never said I didn’t enjoy my time in KC, because I enjoyed my time there and it was probably the cramped, most overcrowded locker room I’ve ever been in. I loved my teammates, the city, the food, the fans, pretty much everyone in KC ….. – Le’Veon Bell (@LeVeonBell) 14 June 2021 After his comment went viral, Bell, a free agent, took to social media to apologize for not keeping his feelings to himself. However, he does not regret his words. I said what I said and I don’t regret what I said, Bell tweeted at 13. June. For those who have PERSONAL PROBLEMS with me for what I said, that’s fine, you’re right! Understand that I too have MY RIGHT to how I feel about MY personal problem with a man, based on what HE has told me. Although Reed doesn’t necessarily share his opinion, Bell said he enjoyed his time in Kansas City. He even liked his teammates, the city, the food, [and] the fans, but basically said his feelings toward his former coach were justified. I’m not going to explain why I feel the way I do, but I have a right to feel the way I feel, he tweeted . The only thing I would change is that I would say on social media how I really feel. It further: I admit I could and should have kept it to myself, and I apologize for that, but I don’t regret what I said because it’s how I feel. Currently, Bell does not yet have a team for the 2021 season as his NFL future is unknown. However, it seems pretty clear that he won’t be playing for the Chiefs next season. statistics provided by Pro Football Reference COMPARED TO: Chad Johnson hasn’t played in years, but wants to play for a specific team First Ocho in this attack would be extremely, extremely dynamicin my opinion.The buzz is that the Arizona Cardinals will trade Tyrann Mathieu prior to the start of the new league year at 4pm tomorrow. If that’s the case, the debate will be over Mathieu’s value, and the headlines will be about what his new team gets in return.. Read more about what did mathieu say to brady and let us know what you think.

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