In the world of Squad, players compete on a 5x5km map, but there’s more than just raw combat skills that determine if your squad will win. Resource management and social tactics are also important to winning a match. To help with this task in-game, you’ll need every possible Health Upgrade available! Hint: they’re scattered all over the map!.

The “trek to yomi walkthrough” is a guide that tells you where to find all the health upgrades in the game.

Another significant enhancement you’ll uncover in Trek to Yomi is health pickups. Regardless of the level you choose to play on, each upgrade boosts your life bar by one pip. Others are concealed behind secret corridors or chambers with opponents to battle, while others are in plain sight. This guide will show you where to look for them in each chapter. 

Trek to Yomi: All Health Upgrade Locations

In Chapter 1, there are no health enhancements. 

2nd Chapter (2 Upgrades)


A peasant requests you to take down the bandit in his house after the portion when you battle through the collapsing, burning structure. You must accomplish it by kicking down a partially concealed door on the screen’s left side. Run past the man’s home and around the corner to the end of the pier. This pickup may be found on the pier.

Health Upgrade 2 — There is an easy-to-miss crack Hiroki may slip into before crossing the bridge in front of a waterfall. The camera angle will shift if you go near enough to it, giving you a better picture of the light coming through the fissure. Proceed, and you’ll be forced into a sluggish walk animation before finding this upgrade and a weapon capacity boost for your Bo Shuriken on the opposite side.

3rd Chapter (1 Upgrade)

After battling your way through a vast house, you’ll come upon a dying samurai at the foot of some steps with whom you may converse. After that, turn right and you’ll come upon a dying lady. This one is a toss-up. 

4th Chapter (2 Upgrades)


NPCs sitting around a massive campfire towards the beginning of the chapter will provide you with Health Upgrade 4. The route ahead divides into two directions: north and northeast. Take the northeast branch and go into the next section, beyond the campfire. This one sits above two boxes at the bottom of the screen. 

Health Upgrade 5 — In the second part of the level, you’ll encounter a mini-boss on a lantern-lit bridge. Drop off the ledge behind the house behind the bridge. A ladder encircled by spider-like animals may be seen on the left. To discover this pickup, down the ladder and to the end of the dock below. 

5th Chapter (2 Upgrades)


After the lengthy temple stretch, you’ll find the first Health Upgrade. You’ll be in a desert-like environment after the mid-level boss encounter. A shrine will be there, as well as a road that splits left and right. Before continuing on your merry samurai way, look to the right for a box with a health increase resting on it.  

7th Health Improvement — You enter a place late in Chapter 5 where you walk stairs up to a Shrine. You may see stairs going to another puzzle section from there. This is the level’s third puzzle area. Instead of going up the second flight of stairs, turn right from the Shrine to find a passage leading to a secret cave where this one is hiding. 

6th Chapter (1 Upgrade)


After being taken to the burning hamlet, you’ll have to combat a bunch of opponents on a wobbly bridge floating over nothingness. A monument may be seen in the background on the platform between this bridge and the next one. For this health boost, walk up to it. 

7th Chapter (1 Upgrade)


Health Upgrade 9 – Inside a burning home, there is a portion when the floor crumbles under you. Instead of climbing back up the ladder, move a screen to the right. You’ll hear villagers’ calls for help, which you may respond to by moving the debris that has trapped them out of the road. They’ll depart after you’ve done this, exposing the last pickup. 

That is all there is to it. That’s all of the game’s health upgrades! Check out our lore collectibles and relics guide, as well as our guides to locating all of the stamina boosts and objects that enhance ammunition capacity, for additional information on Trek to Yomi.