Todd McShay has shocked the NFL world after he boldly predicted that Florida Gator quarterback, Aidan Hutchinson will be going to Jacksonville at No. 1 in this year’s draft. The sky is not falling just yet though; there are still a few teams who have their eyes on him and could potentially trade up for him with an offer of a better pick or player.

Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan has emerged as the consensus No. 1 choice for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2022 NFL Draft, which is less than a month away. Most mock drafts have the Michigan native in the first round, but ESPN draft expert Todd McShay disagrees.

Todd McShay attempts to add some intrigue to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first-round draft choice in 2022.

Mike Tannenbaum, a former NFL general manager and experienced personnel executive, recently prepared an ESPN mock draft for 2022. He, like many others, believes the Jacksonville Jaguars will choose Michigan Wolverines pass-rusher Aidan Hutchinson, who stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 260 pounds, first overall.

However, draft expert Todd McShay said on Sunday’s Sportscenter Special: Mike Tannenbaum’s NFL Mock Draft 1.0 that Hutchinson to Duval County isn’t quite the done deal. McShay told Field Yates, Tannenbaum, and Mel Kiper Jr.:

In my most recent mock draft, I ranked Hutchinson first. If I were to make a mock draft tomorrow, I would give him another chance. I completely understand why Mike T did what he did. But I don’t believe it’s that simple. I’d wager on it…. It isn’t, however, a done thing. Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa, and Myles Garrett all have higher grades than him. In terms of a grading, I believe he’s a touch lower than some of the best, elite pass rushers.

Aidan Hutchinson and the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to Todd McShay

That’s why this year’s selection for Jacksonville is so tough. You want an ultimate game-wrecker when you draft a pass-rusher first overall. Hutchinson has the potential to be that, but, as McShay points out, he’s not coming out of high school like Garrett and the Bosa brothers.

So, if Hutchinson isn’t the man for the job, who is?

Who else would be chosen first in the NFL Draft if not Aidan Hutchinson?

Michigan Wolverines defensive end Aidan Hutchinson warms up on the field. Hutchinson is the favorite to go No. 1 in the 2022 NFL Draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Michigan Wolverines defensive end Aidan Hutchinson warms up on the field. Hutchinson is the favorite to go No. 1 in the 2022 NFL Draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Getty Images/Aidan Hutchinson | Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

Since Todd McShay was the one who said Aidan Hutchinson may not go No. 1, he also knows who the Jacksonville Jaguars will choose with the first overall choice if it isn’t the Michigan defensive end:

[Attack on the offensive] When Cam Robinson was franchised, everyone changed their mindset to, “He’ll be back in a year.” Perhaps they will sign him to a long-term contract. They want Hutchinson to come in.” And I think that is correct. But, in the end, it’s just a year. You may bring in NC State’s Ickey Ekwonu. You are welcome to invite Evan Neal from Alabama in. Play them at guard for a year before moving them to left tackle the next year.

Todd Mcshay on the NFL Draft and the Jacksonville Jaguars

McShay also provided a compelling argument for the Jaguars’ decision to go with an offensive lineman:

Trevor Lawrence, keep this in mind. He’s the reason you’ve got a shot at making the playoffs in the next three years. He’s the only cause for your existence. You must safeguard him.

Todd McShay on Trevor Lawrence’s importance

While McShay makes a convincing case for one of the highly ranked O-linemen to be the first selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, he recognizes that Hutchinson is the most probable decision.

Mel Kiper Jr., the ever-grumpy draft analyst, merely accused his colleague of “trying to manufacture some drama, I assume, at number one,” when none exists. After that, Kiper placed Hutchinson’s odds of going first at 98 percent.

With Hutchinson on the field, the Jaguars’ defense may look like this.

“I spoke to Mike (Caldwell) and asked him what he wanted to hang his hat on as a defense because clearly we have to be on the same page with what he wants and how I communicate it to the rest of the unit,” he added.

Looks like the #Jaguars found their 🟢 in Foye Oluokun. #DUUUVAL

— Andrew Badillo (@andrewbadillo99) March 17, 2022

Since Mel Kiper Jr., the draft guru of draft gurus, has the Jacksonville Jaguars picking Aidan Hutchinson at No. 1 in the 2022 NFL Draft at a whopping 98 percent, let’s take a peek at what the defense will look like next season.

The Jaguars have been handed over to Doug Pederson, a former Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl-winning coach, after the Urban Meyer experiment was cruelly ended. Mike Caldwell, a first-time defensive coordinator (and 11-year NFL linebacker), is joining him.

Caldwell is likely to operate a 3-4 foundation similar to Todd Bowles’, which works well with Jacksonville’s defensive players, after spending the previous three seasons in Tampa Bay studying from him.

Here’s what the Jaguars starting 11 (plus a nickel corner) may look like after a busy free-agent period:

Folorunso Fatukasi (NT) (FA from NYJ)

Malcom Brown, DT

Roy Robertson-Harris, DT

Josh Allen, EDGE

Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE (No. 1 pick)

Foyesade Oluokun, ILB (FA from ATL)

Shaquille Quarterman, ILB

Tyson Campbell, cornerback

Shaquill Griffin, cornerback

Darious Williams (Slot CB) (FA from LAR)

Rayshawn Jenkins (FS)

Andrew Wingard, SS

With 192 tackles last season, Olukokun led the league in tackles, and the Fatukasi can clog up the center with the best of them. These two, together with Allen and Hutchinson, have the potential to elevate the Jaguars’ defense from 28th in the NFL in 2021 to one of the best in the league in 2022.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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