Jordan’s legacy is one of the most important and influential in sports history. His dominance and success with the Bulls has been unmatched, but his impact on the game goes beyond just wins and losses.

This Generation Thinks That the Only One Who Was Getting Hit Back Then Was Jordan is a quote from Isaiah Thomas about Michael Jordan. Read more in detail here: isaiah and michael.

Many basketball fans are aware that the game was, at least in part, more physically demanding in the 1990s than it is now. Because of his aggressiveness, Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan took a lot of knocks during his career.

Any notion that Jordan got greater discipline than other players during that period, according to his longtime adversary Isiah Thomas, is untrue. That’s because Thomas has previously said that defenders targeted him the most throughout those years.

Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas have had a long-running rivalry. nB8drstjI

Many of you are probably aware of Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan’s feud.

It all began, of course, with their legendary playoff battles. From 1987-88 through 1989-90, Thomas and his Detroit Pistons reached the NBA Finals three times in a row, each time defeating Jordan’s Bulls in the playoffs.

The Bulls, however, swept the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1990-91, kicking off Chicago’s famous run of six titles in eight years.

The competition between Thomas and Jordan, on the other hand, has extended beyond the court.

Many think Jordan was responsible for Thomas’ exclusion on the 1992 Dream Team. And, throughout the years, Thomas has made subtle digs at MJ in the media. However, one recent remark made by the Pistons great was that it was he, not Jordan, who got the most punishment during that period.

Isiah said that he was ‘punished’ more than any other player at the time.

During those Bulls-Pistons matchups, Detroit had a well-known method of guarding Jordan. They coined the phrase “Jordan Rules” to describe their approach, which aimed to prevent MJ from reaching the basket.

Brad Botkin of CBS Sports paraphrased former Detroit assistant Brendan Malone’s reasoning in The Last Dance, saying, “If Jordan was at the top of the key, they pushed him left.” “Rather than allowing him go baseline if he was on the wing, they pushed him to the center, where a mob of assistance was waiting. They doubled from the top if he got the ball in the post.”

“[Bill] Laimbeer and [Rick] Mahorn would run up and knock him down to the ground if he got near the hoop,” Malone recalled, according to CBS Sports.

But just because the Pistons, and presumably other teams, had unique defensive tactics for Jordan doesn’t imply he took more hits throughout his career than Isiah Thomas.

On ESPN’s Get Up in 2020, Thomas stated, “This generation believes the only one that was being hit back then was Jordan.” “… I can tell on this television station today that no player during that time period was struck and disciplined more than I was — and I have the scars to prove it.”

So, among the many beefs Thomas and Jordan have with each other, it seems that one of them is their harshness.

Was Isiah, on the other hand, truly struck harder? The solution isn’t straightforward.

It’s difficult to tell whether Isiah Thomas or Michael Jordan took the brunt of the punishment.

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas and Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan.

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas and Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas (L-R) | Focus on Sport/Getty Images; Sporting News via Getty Images

Given that the NBA didn’t call as many fouls in the 1980s and 1990s, it’s impossible to say who was struck the most throughout their careers.

Jordan attempted more free throws per game (8.2 vs. 5.4 for Thomas), but he was a better scorer than Thomas, who passed the ball more often. As a result, the Bulls great was given more chances at the line simply because he took more shots (22.9 field-goal attempts per game compared to 16.2).

However, how many hand checks did Thomas take when setting up an offensive or passing the ball to Joe Dumars? We are unable to comment.

What we do know is that Thomas and Jordan were two of the best players in NBA history, and that their rivalry will likely last a lifetime. We may never witness another quarrel exactly like it, since theirs has been one-of-a-kind.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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