The Los Angeles Dodgers only took one loss in their five games against the New York Mets this week and are back at the top of the National League West. However, the Dodgers are still without their long-time starting pitcher, Clayton Kershaw. The right-hander was not in the starting lineup for their series-clinching win and has been on the disabled list since May with a back injury. However, the Dodgers are not without his help, as left-handed pitcher Rich Hill pitched his first game since the All-Star break on Monday.

Sports (and the World) are full of amazing athletes—players who have made their name in sports for years. But have they ever felt like the players who were lucky enough to be coached by them in their childhood were competition? No, because none of those players have ever had the same amount of success as they did when they were young.

Should Green Bay Packers fans expect Aaron Rodgers to be back soon? While no one knows the real answer to that question except the current NFL MVP, Andrew Brandt can offer a unique perspective. Unfortunately for Packers fans, the team’s former manager didn’t give the most optimistic view of Rodgers’ future. As training camp approaches, the only thing Green Bay can be sure of seems to be more uncertainty at the quarterback position.

Reigning NFL MVP refuses to return to Green Bay

word-image-10285 word-image-10286 Quarterback Aaron Rodgers runs down the field during the second quarter of the NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. | Dylan Buell/Getty Images Were Packers fans shut out on the 24th. Is Janvier witnessing the end of an era? After another bitter postseason loss, Rodgers no longer appears to be a strong candidate to end his career in Green Bay. In fact, he may have already played his last game as a Packer. Rodgers, unhappy with the officiating, caused a stir (and fears for his NFL future) by voluntarily missing team activities for the first time in his career. Although all of his receivers returned for the mandatory minicamp, the future Hall of Fame inductee did not. With Rodgers refusing to return to work, his future with the Packers remains highly uncertain. He can choose to stay away from the team, but it will cost him. Under CBA rules, Green Bay must pay Rodgers a $50,000 fine for each practice missed during training camp. Additionally, the star signal-caller could be forced to return millions in bonuses if he refuses to play for the Packers again. Meanwhile, general manager Brian Gutekunst seems determined not to trade Rodgers. At this point, it can be said that both sides are buried and don’t seem ready for a settlement.

Former Packers manager expresses new doubts about Aaron Rodgers’ situation

Over the years, Brandt has given NFL fans a taste of what it’s like to work in the front office. The Packers’ manager spoke out about the Rodgers situation on the Ross Tucker Football Podcast on Wednesday. But his comments cast even more doubt on the quarterback’s future. You know my saying: Deadlines spur action, Brandt told Tucker. And somehow, I don’t think training camp is a deadline for Aaron and the Packers. What is it? Late August? Early September? He doesn’t need a training camp. I don’t think training camp is a deadline. And secretly, like [in] minicamp, the Packers wouldn’t mind because they can give Jordan Love some real reps. Brandt not only predicted that the confrontation will continue until the end of training camp, but also took the time to address team president Mark Murphy’s unflattering comments about Rodgers. And what he said about the 37-year-old QB shouldn’t give Packers fans confidence about the future. Do I find it difficult? I think he’s incredibly smart, has a good sense of humor and can get people to open up, Brandt said. Those are his words. I remember him saying he could fool people. And that means they’re gone. They’re just gone, he doesn’t care about them anymore. And I wonder if he pissed off Packers management. They’re just not in his orbit anymore.

How will the game between Rogers and the Packers play out?

. While Brandt doesn’t think Rodgers will be traded before 2022, the Packers may have to make a deal before the start of the 2021 season. If the quarterback doesn’t want to play for the franchise anymore, there’s no point in stopping him and letting the situation drag on. Why not open up the phone lines and see what we can get from a triple MVP? Of course, a team like the Denver Broncos is willing to give up a few draft picks (and maybe even established players) to acquire one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Even teams with solid starters may consider an upgrade if Rodgers becomes available. Selling him would allow the Packers to take advantage of Love, who at least deserves a chance to prove himself without the distraction of the Rodgers situation. With a team ready for the playoffs and a good coach, Green Bay has everything it needs to compete for a Super Bowl title. And if Gutekunst liked Love so much that he moved to him in the first round, he shouldn’t be afraid to trade Rodgers either, right? COMPARED TO: There is a simple, win-win solution that can satisfy both Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

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