A Quarry is a type of game in which players attempt to kill as many people in each round without getting killed themselves. In this guide, we will show you how to get the worst ending by being the most bad-ass asshole that ever lived.


In The Quarry, there are several methods to murder everyone. Environmental dangers and character decisions may also result in many horrific deaths, not to mention the Hacketts and other creatures that lurk in the woods. If you’re like that kind of thing, making sure no one survives the night earns you the worst ending and the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy/achievement. 

The only counselors required for this ending are those who can be killed in a certain fashion, but this guide will tell you the first time you can or, in some circumstances, should put them to death. Counselors should live longer in certain cases than in others. It makes no difference whether you murder the Hacketts or not, just to be clear.

You cannot accomplish either goal on this run, including trying to infect everyone or gathering all the tarot cards, clues, and proof. It goes without saying that any of a character’s future scenes and sequences are simply skipped over after they pass away. When you rescue everyone or on later tries, try those. 

Please take note that certain plot facts are revealed in the paragraphs that follow, but we’ve made an effort to avoid giving away the deaths themselves. 


If you take the rotor arm out of the vehicle, you may get rid of Jacob as early as Chapter 3. After Jacob and Emma have had a swim in the lake, there will be a scream. Jacob has a choice between looking into the scream and pursuing the rotor arm. Decide to plunge in after the rotor arm, and when his arm becomes entangled in the wire, decide to pull rather than untangle. 

Jacob may be killed at the start of Chapter 4 if you cut the gas connection to the vehicle in Chapter 2 as opposed to stealing the rotor arm. Pick to shoot into the bushes both times as Ryan. 


In Chapter 4, you get the first opportunity to murder Emma. Rather of looking through the bags, choose to unlock the treehouse’s trap door. 


In the pool house during Chapter 6, you may murder Abi. Abi raises the rifle towards Nick, don’t fire. 


Nick may be killed in the cave during Chapter 8. When Laura lifts the shotgun in the room with the red light, Ryan should not intervene. 


Dylan may be killed in Chapter 9. In Chapter 1, when playing as Abi and Emma, you must have elected to kick the door in, and in Chapter 5, you must have decided to use the chainsaw. When Dylan is in the crane and being assaulted, avoid interacting with the QTEs. 


In Chapter 9, Ryan is assasinable. Keep him alive throughout the most of the chapter, whether you let Laura “heal” him or not. When chaos breaks out at the conclusion of the chapter, murder that person as Ryan so you may kill Max later after discovering them in the attic and falling through the floor. Pick the aggressive option, then fail the subsequent QTEs as Ryan to bring about his demise.  


In Chapter 9, Laura is a murder target. This must be configured during Chapter 7. You may search the police station without worrying about the syringe. There will be a few more scenarios, including one in which two individuals argue and one in which you talk to the police officer in the morning and at night (don’t take the gun at night). There will be a scenario when Laura gets “sick” after that. Be careful to shoot the officer after grabbing his gun. (You have the opportunity to get the rifle twice.) 

Near the conclusion of Chapter 9, when everything goes wrong, Laura will inevitably pass away. 


Max may be eliminated in Chapter 10. Have him swim from the island to the dock and then back again. 


In Chapter 10, Kaitlyn is a murder target. When you are assaulted in the lodge, be silent. 

In The Quarry, it is how you exterminate everyone. Now that you’ve seen the game’s worst ending and the cycle has continued, you have the option of either saving everyone by taking the true ending route (which is linked near the top of this article), infecting every counselor, or viewing one of the numerous other endings by selecting a variety of good and bad paths.