The Green Bay Packers have made one thing clear: they are not about to let Aaron Rodgers pass up on another Super Bowl title. But, if the Packers could somehow get Rodgers to sign a long-term extension, that would put a lot of pressure on the quarterback to put his money where his mouth is.

Have you heard the story about the Lions’ trip to Lambeau? Maybe you’ve heard that the Lions’ trip to Lambeau was the worst thing that ever happened to the Packers. While it may or may not be true, one thing is for certain: It wasn’t good for the Lions.

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the world.. Read more about greenbay and let us know what you think.Do you think the Green Bay Packers will go back to Aaron Rodgers in the near future? Think about it. As much as the reigning NFL MVP would like people to believe he will never play for Green Bay again, general manager Brian Gutekunst doesn’t care. Based on recent reports about Rodgers, the Packers seem to want the star quarterback to put his money where his mouth is before anything happens.

Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay fans hanging by a thread

word-image-1503 word-image-1504 Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers warms up before the game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. | Dylan Buell/Getty Images In one year, Rogers went from the face of the Packers to missing. When you consider all the factors, you understand why the future Hall of Fame induction has decided to do things differently in 2021. In the 2020 NFL Draft, Green Bay made a move in the first round and selected Jordan Love. The decision came as a complete surprise to Rodgers, who had not heard from the front office that the team was planning to take the quarterback. Although he was named MVP for the third time in his career, Rodgers also had to deal with the fact that the Packers drafted his potential successor with a higher pick. Finally, Lava’s selection didn’t help Green Bay last season. He spent his first year watching from the sidelines. Once again, the Packers suffered an embarrassing playoff loss. After expressing doubts about his future after the game, Rodgers told MPs in late April that he did not want to return to the team. So far he hasn’t bluffed. Rodgers did not show up for the start of the team’s organized practice on May 24, a remarkable move considering he has never missed an offseason program with the Packers.

Packers refuse to budge on star quarterback replacement

. Don’t think Love will start the season as Green Bay’s starting quarterback. Indeed, Rodgers seems intent on never playing for the Packers again, but it doesn’t look like the front office fully shares that opinion. According to Matt Schneidman of The Athletic, Gutekunst is sticking to his stance of not trading the team’s best star. While the Packers would trade Rodgers if they thought he really intended to never play for them again, it’s clear they don’t think all hope is lost. Sure, the temptation of getting draft picks and players in exchange for the current MVP should be tempting. At the same time, Rodgers’ departure would undoubtedly make the team worse from a pure footballing perspective. For the Packers, the best outcome is retaining one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. By not giving an inch about the Rodgers trade, they are pressuring him to prove he is not bluffing about never playing for Green Bay again. But will he put his money where his mouth is?

Green Bay deserves to put pressure on Rodgers

. Rogers will do more damage to his portfolio if he decides not to stay in Green Bay. He’s already missed enough time to lose his $500,000 bonus. Under the NFL collective bargaining agreement, the Packers can fine him $93,085 if he misses the three days of mandatory minicamp. Rodgers faces a mandatory fine of $50,000 per day if he misses training camp workouts. Missing regular season games and other team activities may also result in penalties. The Packers also have the option of charging Rodgers a hefty price for his retirement. Former NFL agent Joel Corry told The Athletic that the star quarterback will not receive the remaining $23 million signing bonus on his contract. The team could also force Rodgers to pay back the $6.8 million bonus he received in March. Green Bay deserves credit for standing up to him. Although Rogers has a lot of money in the bank, he could suffer a significant financial loss if he sticks to his stance of not showing up for work. Plus, it could hurt his reputation with Packers fans and teammates if he refuses to play this season. At this point, Rodgers has to prove if he really intends to never wear a Packers jersey again. It may not be the ideal situation for Gutekunst to deal with this summer, but he shouldn’t worry too much about the future. Wasn’t Jordan Love next? RELATED TO: Shocking statistics show how bad things are going for Aaron Rodgers and new Packers QB Blake Bortles

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