Earlier this week, the Oakland Athletics announced their decision to move to Las Vegas by 2040. This announcement came after the team’s owner, Lew Wolff, was denied a new stadium loan by the city of Oakland. However, it is not only the Oakland Athletics that have their sights set on Las Vegas. As Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, it is no surprise that other major sports leagues are looking to build in the city.

The Oakland Athletics and the Las Vegas Raiders are both, well, looking for a new home. The Raiders are currently playing out of Oakland, but have wanted to move to Las Vegas for the past few years. The A’s are looking to move from their longtime home in Oakland to the Vegas suburb of Las Vegas. This could be the beginning of the end for the Athletics.

The Oakland Athletics have been looking for a new place to play for years. The team’s lease at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum runs out after the 2020 season, and the A’s don’t have any plans to renew if they don’t get a new stadium. That means, as soon as this season ends, the team will have to move.. Read more about oakland athletics new stadium and let us know what you think.

It seems that the Oakland Athletics will be moved to Las Vegas in the near future.

The City Council of Oakland convened on Tuesday to discuss the team’s intentions to construct a new stadium at Howard Terminal. Despite the fact that the vote seems to be a victory for the Athletics’ chances of staying in Oakland, the team still appears to have concerns about the term sheet agreed on Tuesday.

The Oakland Athletics have been trying to move out of Oakland Coliseum for a long time.

For more than 50 years, the Athletics have played at Oakland Coliseum, also known as RingCentral Coliseum. Some of the greatest teams in A’s history have called the arena home. It’s also become somewhat of an antiquated relic.

The A’s have additional reasons for seeking a new stadium. Some of this is due to the team’s financial situation. The team has a history of being one of the most frugal in the sport, with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. After all, this is the series that inspired the blockbuster movie Moneyball.

Last month, Athletics president Dave Kaval said that if the city approves a new stadium, salary will not be a problem.

“Depending on the year, we may go from having one of the lowest five payrolls in the league to a top-five or ten,” Kaval told the Mercury News in June. “It will be such a significant shift in our company, and I believe that with the smart and business acumen of (executive vice president) Billy Beane and (general manager) David Forst, providing them with that kind of resource would be fantastic, and that is what we are trying to do.”

Despite not having enough money to acquire large free players or make major deals, Oakland has excelled in recent seasons. Before winning the AL West in 2020, the Athletics won 97 games in both 2018 and 2019. They were 54-42 entering Tuesday’s game, comfortably inside the AL Wild Card picture.

However, the team’s on-field performance seems to pale in contrast to the franchise’s long-term prospects, particularly with relocation still a possibility.

A term sheet was approved by the Oakland City Council, but it signifies practically nothing.

The Oakland City Council approved the deal sheet for the waterfront ballpark by a 6-1 vote. There are two key points to remember…

1. It’s a non-binding vote, which means they may continue to negotiate.

2. They voted for the term with the city’s modifications, one of which the A’s disagree with.

July 20, 2021 — Alden González (@Alden Gonzalez)

The decision by the Oakland City Council to approve the term sheet for the waterfront ballpark seems to be positive news for those hoping that the club would remain in Oakland. But it’s a little more complex than that.

The Oakland City Council approved the term with the city’s unique modifications. The A’s and Kaval do not agree with those changes, therefore it’s difficult to see the club accepting the city’s proposal.

According to ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez, Kaval stated yesterday that voting on a plan that the city changed and developed is “equivalent to a ‘no’ vote.” Things don’t seem to be going well, particularly since council member Carol Fife said that there isn’t really a clear route for further negotiation.

Some public remarks made shortly before the planned vote, however, blamed the A’s.

“Hundreds of employees will lose their employment if the A’s depart,” one statement says. “Call their bluff and keep the A’s in the coliseum,” says the narrator. “Even the fact that the city council is in this position is humiliating… A’s are similar to a controlling boyfriend “(continued)

— KTVU’s Allie Rasmus 20 July 2021 (@arasmusKTVU)

The issue has reportedly grown aggravating for all parties concerned.

While the A’s continue to thrive on the field, their off-field transactions and the looming deadline for constructing a new stadium have sparked some controversy. It may not be long before baseball’s future in Oakland is determined.

For the Athletics, relocating to Las Vegas may be the best choice.


Oakland Athletics president Dave Kaval speaks to the fans before a game against the Texas Rangers in 2019 Dave Kaval, the president of the Athletics, has a decision to make | Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics’ long-time supporters will undoubtedly be upset if the club relocates. Local companies and employees would suffer as a result.

Still, it’s probably better if the A’s start making preparations to relocate to Las Vegas with the Raiders.

The truth is that the Athletics have floated the idea of building a new stadium on many times. Those proposals have always been shelved, in part because the city hasn’t budge. The Athletics’ intention to investigate relocation possibilities was supported by Major League Baseball, so Kaval and company may have the upper hand.

The A’s were temporarily housed in Las Vegas for stadium renovations in 1996, so there’s precedent. If the A’s decide to relocate, Jeff Passan believes that Sin City is the most likely destination.

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The Oakland Athletics are a team that’s been around for over 100 years, and have won over a dozen World Series titles. They’re rich and well-known and have a rabid fan base that is going to follow them anywhere, as long as they can still see the Oakland hills from the Sin City’s valley. But, after the city of Oakland approved a $1.7 billion stadium deal with the A’s owners, Las Vegas put the team on the map and started looking into getting an MLB team.. Read more about as move to las vegas and let us know what you think.

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