The New York Giants are in shambles, and it’s not even the end of their regular season yet.

The new york giants logo is the official logo of the New York Giants. The team’s season has just gone from bad to worse after losing their last two games.

The New York Giants went into the 2021 season hoping that Joe Judge and Daniel Jones would finally find out what they were doing wrong. Unfortunately for the second-year head coach and the often chastised quarterback, they seem to be doomed to watch the playoffs from the comfort of their own home once again.

And things may become much worse in the future.

The Giants’ nightmare season just got worse as they seemed like early favorites to earn a top-five selection in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The second year of Joe Judge’s presidency has gotten off to a disastrous start.

The Giants needed to improve dramatically on offensively while maintaining a high level of play on the defensive side of the ball after a 6-10 season in which they were 31st in scoring and ninth in points allowed.

Neither of these things have occurred in the first three weeks of the season.

Even though the Giants’ per-game scoring average has risen from 17.5 to 18.7, they remain at the bottom of the league. In fact, the Giants are 24th in points scored, which isn’t great for an offense that has four recent first-round choices at quarterback (Jones), running back (Saquon Barkley), tight end (Evan Engram), and left tackle (Alex Smith) (Andrew Thomas).

Meanwhile, the defense has regressed in the second year of the Judge administration. The Denver Broncos and the Washington Football Team combined for 827 total yards and 57 points against Patrick Graham’s squad despite having mediocre quarterbacks.

New York, predictably, lost both games.

Even though the Giants’ defense only allowed 14 points in Week 3, they still lost. The Jones-led offense scored 14 points against a talent-depleted Atlanta Falcons team that had given up 80 points to the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers combined.

Aside from losing their third game in a row, the Giants were dealt a significant setback with long-term ramifications.

The Giants’ nightmare season has just gotten worse.

New York Giants linebacker Blake Martinez is helped off the field after suffering an injury.

New York Giants linebacker Blake Martinez is helped off the field after suffering an injury. Without top linebacker Blake Martinez, the New York Giants will have to find a way to slow down opposition offenses. | Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Is it possible that the Giants’ situation will worse as the season progresses?

If it occurs, don’t be shocked. After all, a defense that has obviously failed to meet expectations must find a way to improve without its undisputed captain.

According to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, middle linebacker Blake Martinez tore his ACL in the Falcons’ 17-14 defeat on Sunday. The 27-year-old team captain will miss the rest of the season due to the injury.

Martinez was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and spent the first four years of his career with the Green Bay Packers. During the 2020 season, he recorded 140 tackles, three sacks, five passes defended, and one interception after signing a three-year, $30 million contract with the Giants. Martinez is widely considered as one of the team’s top overall players due to his strong leadership abilities and consistent performance on the field.

Losing him for the season would be a huge blow to a defense that was already weak at linebacker. The Giants may easily regress without the veteran in the lineup, unable to duplicate or improve upon their success from a year ago. In the end, it’s difficult to see New York slowing down strong offenses without Martinez.

Blake Martinez is the most recent addition to a lengthy list of players whose futures with the team are in doubt.

So, in 2022, James Bradberry’s cap hit is expected to be $20.5 million, while Blake Martinez’s salary cost is expected to be approximately $14 million.

March 24, 2021 — Art Stapleton (@art stapleton)

Is there going to be a new starting middle linebacker for the Giants in 2022? Because of Martinez’s injuries and contract, the defensive huddle may be led by a guy next season.

In fact, by this time next year, many key players may be wearing new outfits.

Martinez’s cap charge for 2022 is $14 million, according to a contract renegotiation in March. The Giants, on the other hand, may opt out of his contract by paying a $5.5 million dead cap penalty. Perhaps his injury will persuade the team to choose a different path, saving money in the process.

Of course, Daniel Jones’ future with the club is also unclear. Will the Giants accept failure and start over if he fails to impress over the course of a 17-game season?

In addition, the club must determine whether or not to retain strong safety Jabrill Peppers and right guard Will Hernandez on the roster indefinitely. Both players are set to become free agents at the end of the season, so it will be fascinating to see whether the Giants keep both of their starting quarterbacks.

However, if things go wrong, a complete rebuild may be the best option.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics. Spotrac provided all contract information.

If Sam Darnold keeps trending in the right direction, he may cause collateral damage for the Carolina Panthers.

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