The Eagles have had a lot of recent success on offense, but that’s not going to last. They need to make some choices soon about the future of their team and those decisions could derail what they’ve been building so far.

The Eagles have been dominating the NFL this season, leading to a lot of discussion across social media. Many fans are wondering what will happen if they win their division and make it to the Super Bowl in 2018. With another week left before they decide whether or not to go for home field advantage, here’s an overview of how that decision would play out for them.The “nfl rankings overall” is a ranking of all 32 NFL teams in terms of their current performance. The Eagles have the best offense in the league, but they could be derailed by this decision.

The Philadelphia Eagles have quietly pieced together a series of solid games despite a slow start to the season. In Week 8, they defeated the Detroit Lions 44-6, only losing 27-24 to the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 9, then defeating the Denver Broncos 30-13 in Week 10.

The run game is at the heart of their recent success. After failing to force second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts to perform like Patrick Mahomes for weeks, Nick Sirianni and the Eagles coaching staff shifted gears and went to a run-first system.

The Eagles are on their way to become the NFL’s greatest running club.

It took the Eagles a few weeks to get their ground game up and running. However, they’ve been on top of this facet of their offense since Week 7. Since then, they have led the NFL in running yards and have the second-most rushing yards in the league, following only the Cleveland Browns.

The Eagles’ recent ground success is all the more shocking since their normal RB1, Miles Sanders, has been sidelined the whole time with an injury. When Sanders went down with an ankle injury early in Week 7 against the Las Vegas Raiders, Sirianni unexpectedly switched gears and committed to the run.

The Eagles’ rushing offense has recently been anchored by veterans Jordan Howard and Boston Scott. Howard didn’t even make the team’s 53-man roster at the start of the season. He’s now averaging 70.3 running yards per game on 13.7 rushing attempts per game, which leads the club. He seems to be the Eagles’ new RB1, with Scott sliding in behind him as an above-average second option.

What is Jordan Howard’s secret to his success?

Jordan Howard makes the #Eagles a better team. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s there.

November 14, 2021 — John McMullen (@JFMcMullen)

Howard’s success with the Philadelphia offense seemed to defy logic. Following his release from the Miami Dolphins in 2020, he was an older running back whose greatest days seemed to be behind him.

Howard had a few strong years with the Chicago Bears before to joining the Eagles, and he had a few nice games with them in 2019. However, by the time he arrived in Miami, age and injury had caught up with him, and his legs had considerably slowed.

Miles Sanders, on the other hand, is a young, inexperienced running back with a lot of pace. When he was healthy, he should’ve demanded much more touches than Howard.

The one thing Howard does, on the other hand, is something Sanders struggles with. Howard is a north-south runner who isn’t hesitant to go straight through the tackles. This is ideal for an Eagles club that spends the majority of its money on the offensive line. Sanders likes to jump outside and become agitated, but Howard just puts his head down and follows the lineman in front of him.

Will Miles Sanders be re-instated as the Eagles’ starting running back?

Eagles HC Nick Sirianni and RB Miles Sanders.

Eagles HC Nick Sirianni and RB Miles Sanders. Mitchell Leff/Getty Images Nick Sirianni and Miles Sanders

Sanders has just resumed practice and seems to be on the verge of being activated for the Eagles’ Week 11 matchup with the New Orleans Saints. However, there’s no certainty he’ll return to the RB1 position he played at the start of the season.

Since Sanders’ injury, Howard has repeatedly demonstrated his usefulness to the offense week after week, and Sirianni seems to prefer his ground-and-pound rushing style.

Sanders, who was drafted in the second round and is just 24 years old, is a recent second-round choice. He has a far better chance than Howard of having a long-term future in Philadelphia. The Eagles may reintroduce him to the offense simply on that basis.

In either case, Sirianni and the rest of the Eagles’ coaching staff must make a critical choice this week. It seems that a running back-by-committee strategy, with both Sanders and Howard receiving touches, is the most probable conclusion. Even so, it’s possible that the team’s newfound rhythm may be disrupted.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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