In any role, the second half of a fight can be the most difficult. Healing and Energy DPS both have to handle a lot of damage, but each has their own challenges. Trying to survive the onslaught of the enemy team with no energy can be difficult, but Healer DPS has to handle damage from not only their team, but the enemy team as well. So what is the answer? Well, if you want to be a force to be reckoned with, then you should read on…

The Ascent Best Builds Guide: Healer DPS and Energy DPS

It’s time to build your own Best Builds Guide, and today we’re looking at the Healer and Energy DPS. In this guide, you’ll get a full breakdown of what makes these builds so spectacularly powerful, so make sure you drop in and check it out!



For developing the greatest characters in the game, The Ascent provides a comprehensive and sophisticated attribution system. Skills, weapons, augmentations, modules, and armor may all be used to change your stats. It may be difficult to choose the finest gear units and characteristics at first, therefore this guide will show you the greatest builds in The Ascent.

There are two builds here that are both very strong, but they concentrate on different stats. The first is about maintaining high HP levels while still delivering great damage output. The second focuses on energy stats, which will enable you to do massive amounts of damage.

The Ascension: Best DPS Healer Build

This build combines great damage and resilience, making it one of the strongest in the game.


Start with Vital Signs, where you should put at least 15 points. The number 20, which is the maximum, is preferred.

Switch to Tactical Sense to see how much damage you can do. Invest as many points as you can this time, ideally 20 for 200 percent damage.

Critical Hit Rate and Weapon Handling are the next two factors to consider. The first determines your critical hits, while the second affects your reload speed. Both of these abilities should be maxed up as well.


Both a shotgun and a handgun may be used with this design.

The greatest shotgun in the game is the ES4 Eraser, which does 828 damage, while the best pistol is the EP4 Pacifier.

Weapon dealers sell ES4 Eraser for 13,000 credits, while EP4 Pacifier for 11,000 credits.


Life Transfer is the ideal augmentation for this construct since it is a strong weapon that marks your opponents. You will be healed when designated opponents are wounded.

Life Transfer is available at the Deragata Spa in CorpZone. The enhancement may be discovered in the jacuzzi’s crimson chest.


Your modules should likewise be geared for a gradual increase in life. As a result, you’ll require Vitasigns Booster and Speedheal Mod.

Vitasigns Booster can only be acquired by finishing Hans’ Balls Deep side quest.

Speedheal Mod is available in two locations:

  • Grafter is selling it at 16,500 credits.
  • Dr. Humidore has given you the Humidity Doctor side quest, which you may accomplish.


You’ll need to acquire some appropriate gear to boost your numbers even further.

The D-30 Sensehancer Bodycoat, which enhances all internal characteristics by 7 points, is the greatest chest item for the Healer DPS build. The Armor Vendor will sell you this item for 6,000 credits.

E-50 Panaware Sensor Suite is the finest headpiece since it synergizes well with the torso. This armour is only available as a drop from a random opponent.

Finally, acquire the MC-H Pants for your legs, which will not only increase your HP and energy, but will also help you reduce your spread, which is important for effective aiming. Enemies may also drop this item at random.

The Ascension: The Most Powerful Energy Build for DPS

This build is intended to scare your opponents with the most powerful energy weapon-augmentation combination in the game, while the previous one made you feel safe with all the life gain.


As always, you should begin all of your constructions, including this one, by maxing up the Vital Signs to 20 points.

Then concentrate on increasing your energy capacity by 200 percent by focusing on Body Battery. For this build, maxing it out is advised.

After you’ve sorted out your energy and HP, you should concentrate on the damage by spending skill points in Weapon Handling and Aiming.


You may use whatever energy weapon you choose, but for this construct to function properly, you need have the BC7 Disintegrator energy cannon, which has been dubbed the “little sun” by the gamers. This weapon’s damage output is very high.

This cannon is only available from one weapons dealer, who can be located on the Highstreet in the map’s southern region. It’ll set you back 25,000 credits.


Neutron Beam and Overclock are the most important augmentations for this design.

Overclock boosts your energy regeneration and improves reload speed, while Neutron Beam helps your weapon penetrate armor and increase energy damage.

The Grafter will sell you Neutron Beam for 30,000 credits, and Atticus will reward you with Overclock if you complete the One More Rep side mission.


The Vitasigns Booster and Speedheal Mod modules are the same as with the Healer DPS build.


Because your healing isn’t as effective as it is with the other build, you’ll need to invest in far more powerful armor to protect your body and boost your energy levels.

Custom Flatliner Rig is the finest chest armor for this setup since it offers great protection and enhances weapon control. The armor merchant will sell you this rig for 11,400 credits.

The E-50 Panaware Sensor Suite is the finest headgear since it improves your critical hit rate.

When it comes to legwear, go for the E-40 Redrunner Compression Pants, which will help you evade. Both headgear and legwear are treasure drops at random.

Hopefully, this tutorial assisted you in creating the most efficient character build for The Ascent. Consider sharing this information if you found it interesting.

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