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Allen Iverson spent ten seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers, where he faced the Boston Celtics many times. He understood better than anybody how acrimonious the rivalry between Philadelphia and Boston was in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but he learned the hard way after trusting a Celtics ball boy with a $2,000 beer run.

The Celtics eliminated Allen Iverson and the 76ers from the playoffs in 2002.

Allen Iverson lost $2,000 thanks to a Celtics ball boy.

Allen Iverson lost $2,000 thanks to a Celtics ball boy. Allen Iverson, a former Philadelphia 76er, watches a game against the Atlanta Hawks in 2002 | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Iverson had already established himself as an obvious NBA superstar by the playoffs of 2002. A.I. had just finished his third consecutive regular season as the league’s leading scorer, and he was coming off an unforgettable 2001 playoff run that culminated in a loss to Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

This 76ers team, however, was not the same as the one from the previous season.

After completing the regular season as the Eastern Conference’s No. 6 seed, the Sixers were drawn into the first round of the playoffs against the No. 3 seed and their bitter rivals, the Celtics. For the first four games of the series, both sides held serve on their home court, making it a fair battle. The Celtics, on the other hand, dominated Game 5 in Boston, winning 120-87 and clinching the series at home.

In the series, Iverson averaged 30.0 points on 38.1 percent shooting, while no other 76er scored more than 12.8 points per game. After making it all the way to the championship series the year before, it was a letdown.

Allen Iverson paid a Celtics ball boy $2,000 to help the 76ers purchase beer.

After being laughed off the floor in a win-or-go-home Game 5 against their greatest rival, the 76ers were understandably down in the dumps, but Iverson knew just how to cheer everyone up. He needed alcohol for the whole squad on the way back to Philadelphia, so he summoned a Celtics ball boy and paid him “near to $2,000” for an epic beer run.

Chris Mannix, who is now a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, happened to be that ball boy. Mannix once recounted the amusing tale of what happened to Iverson’s $2,000 on that fateful night, and it’s fair to say A.I. has never trusted a rival’s ball boy since.

The adversary taught A.I. a harsh lesson: never trust the enemy.

According to MassLive, Mannix said on Sports Illustrated’s Off the Record in 2019 that he took Iverson’s $2,000 to the nearest liquor shop and bought as many cases of beer as he could. However, as he made his way back to the stadium, Boston supporters on the street began pulling cases off the hand truck one by one. Even a few Celtics players grabbed some beer when Mannix returned to the parking lot.

Only four cases of Corona remained when the ball boy-turned-reporter returned to Iverson and the 76ers.

“That’s what my money got you?” says [Iverson]. According to MassLive, Mannix said. “Is that what $2,000 got you?”

Mannix was stumped for words, but A.I. was surprisingly understanding.

Mannix said, “I believe he was simply in such a bad mood that he didn’t really argue.” “He rode the bus as long as there was anything on it for him.”

We know Iverson was not afraid to spend money throughout his NBA career, so a modest $2,000 on that night must not have bothered him.

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