Luminaria is a new competitive fighting game that just released on Steam. With the latest update, it includes a ranked system and many players are wondering who’s top tier and bottom-tier characters will be. I have compiled my personal rankings for each character in Luminaria for your convenience!.

The “tales of luminaria characters” is a tier list that ranks the top characters in the game. The list will be updated every few months, to reflect changes in the game.



Follow this Tales of Luminaria tier list to see which characters are the greatest in the game’s current global version. You’ll discover which characters have the most damage output, defensive abilities, and which weapons and armor are most suited to them.

S-Tier Characters in Luminaria Tales

Celia Arvier is a French actress.

  • Occupation: Blaze Class student
  • Bow as a weapon

In Tales of Luminaria, the greatest defensive strategy is to keep as far away from foes as possible, while the best attacking approach is to strike them from afar. Celia Arvier excels at both of these tasks, since she is the game’s most powerful long-ranged attacker.

She has a variety of bows at her disposal, but the greatest are:

  • Her strike strength is increased by using the Silvercraft Bow.
  • The Golden Wasp Bow aids in the discovery of hidden missions and gold boxes.
  • The Red Wolf’s Bow is a weapon that can identify precious materials on the ground.

Celia’s primary flaw is her poor defense, which may be mitigated by using the Blaze Formal Dress armor, which boosts her defense to 264 points.

Alexandra von Sonne is a German actress.

  • Occupation: Gildllan Empire’s White Wolf
  • Sword as a weapon

Alexandra is mostly a close-range swordsman, but she also has the capacity to surge forward and do long-range damage.

The damage of her charged assault is proportional to the enemy’s distance. Her strike gets more strong as the distance between them grows.

Alexandra can use a variety of swords, but these two are her favorites:

  • The tremendous impact strike of the Verdant Light Sword
  • Thunderbolts attack opponents with the Red Rose Long Sword.

Equip her GE Ceremonial White Wolf armor, which also grants her access to the Flash of Fangs mystic arte, to augment her rapid thrust damage.

Characters in the A-Tier

August Wallenstein is a fictional character.

  • Occupation: Gildllan Empire’s Chancellor
  • Staff as a weapon

Many people believe August Wallenstein to be the finest character in the game. Even though he is very strong, he has one flaw that makes him less appealing than Celia or Alexandra.

If we’re talking about August’s strengths, his ranged assaults provide him the same edge as Celia’s. Instead of a bow, he employs charged bolts that erupt from his staff, causing massive damage.

When assaulting a monster, he can use his Covenant Cross Staff to boost his friends’ attack strength, and when attacking a boss, he can restore a fallen teammate.

His defensive talents are poor, and his armor will make little impact. He can create a protective shield around himself, but he won’t be able to attack while it’s active.

August is a fantastic character, and if you like playing with magic, he is the one you should re-roll for.


  • Gildllan Imperial Army Soldier is his occupation.
  • Twin Blades as a weapon

Falk is a fast and agile fighter that wields twin daggers and can leap forward to strike adversaries with tremendous hits.

With his Blade Fling attack, he can throw his blades ahead and use electric wire to draw them back. These swords also provide piercing damage, penetrating one adversary and injuring the one behind it.

Lazulite Twin Blades are one of his most fascinating weapons, since they enable him to use the Blizzard spell to freeze his adversaries. His defensive talents, like August’s, are poor.

Characters in the B-Tier

Fourcade, Leo

  • Occupation: Blaze Class student
  • Katana is a Japanese sword.

Leo’s approach is quite similar to Alexandra’s, however he focuses more on ordinary attack damage than charged strikes. He’s also a lot simpler to manage than Alexandra, however his damage is a little less.

Except for Strike Wave and Strike Impact strikes, which are found on his Lion’s Head Blade and Blaze Ceremonial Blade katanas, his katanas have no particular tricks.

You must equip his Blaze Formal Dress armor with Claw and Fang Slash arte if you want him to use thrust strikes like Alexandra.

Lisette Regnier is a French actress.

  • Aedis Knight Academy Instructor is my job title.
  • Twin Guns as a weapon

Another ranged character that utilizes firearms to inflict harm on his foes. Unfortunately, the farther Lisette is from an adversary, the less damage she does. However, the closer you approach to the adversary, the more harm she does.

Her Guilding Twin Revolvers may strengthen her and her teammates’ defensive systems, making her an excellent support character.

Her DPS output isn’t as great as the other characters’, even with her damage enhancement talent Rapid Fire.

In Tales of Luminaria, they are the most interesting characters. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends on social media!

The “tales of luminaria reddit” is a subreddit for the game Tales of Luminaria. The subreddit has a tier list that is updated regularly. It includes information on how to play, what classes are good, and which characters are best.

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