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Spiritfarer Beverly Update Out Now, Vinyl Pre-Orders Open Spiritfarer Beverly Update Now Out Now Spiritfarer Beverly are at it again this Summer with new patches for the upcoming season. A new patch will be released every two weeks until patches are all sold out. A new patch will be released on the last Friday of every month, starting on April 15th.

Spiritfarer Beverly Update Out Now, Vinyl Pre-Orders Open



The Spiritfarer Beverly update, which includes a cute new owl, treasure maps, recipes, and more, is now available on all platforms.

Stella receives a letter from someone who seems to be a total stranger to begin the update. She’s scheduled to go to Oxbury to meet this stranger, who turns out to be Stella’s ex-neighbor Beverly.

Stella welcomes her aboard, and you already know what happens next if you’ve played the game. Please provide tissues. 

Aside from traversing Beverly’s afterlife, you’ll also get a slew of new treasure maps, an archive, a lounge radio, and the following recipes:

  • Laska: A spicy noodle soup that will help you get over a cold.
  • Milquetoast: It’s simply soggy bread, Milquetoast.
  • Flamin’ Firebirdz: You won’t be able to feel your face after a bag of these nasty guys.
  • Gobi Aloo: A veggie treat with plenty of flavor.
  • Chai Latte is a spicy drink that may be enjoyed on chilly or hot days.
  • For those in the know, chilaquiles are a morning staple.
  • Dakgangjeong is a sweet, crunchy, and spicy Korean dish. Three mouth-watering words!

Stella has to deal with a new guesthouse request, and Stanley’s tale is somewhat altered.

Those of you who couldn’t get enough of Spiritfarer’s music may rejoice. Pre-orders for iam8bit’s Spiritfarer vinyl soundtrack (2x LP) are now available for $39.99.

Pre-orders for the Spiritfarer collector’s edition for PS4 and Nintendo Switch are also available. It costs $199.99 and contains the following:

  • Completely functioning Replica Everlight

  • Constellation Lantern Display Box is a unique and high-end product (creates a lovely ambiance when paired with the Everlight)

  • Collectible Postcard and Stamp set featuring exotic locales from the game, as well as a customized side mission available just to you!

  • Max LL’s Spiritfarer soundtrack is available as a digital download card.

  • Spiritfarer is a 96-page art book with a digital download card.

  • Spiritfarer is available in a physical version with unique, reversible cover art by renowned artist Aidan Yetman-Michaelson. 

  • Updates to the game’s digital material

Spiritfarer was a favorite of ours from 2020, which we described as “an empathic game that tackles tough themes with unexpected warmth and compassion.”

The long awaited Spiritfarer Beverly is finally here.  This is the second year in a row that I’ve had to start this project, but it is finally finished after nearly 4 months of work.  I’ve uploaded the audio files to the Bandcamp page so you can listen to the full album above.  Perhaps I’ll release the other half of the album once I get the CD’s to the printer. Be sure to pick up a copy while they last!. Read more about spiritfarer update release date and let us know what you think.

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