In Sniper Elite 5, you will have a chance to liberate the occupied Residence which is scattered around Berlin. The game gives you three different starting locations and if you can collect all of them then your reward is a Nazi treasure map with lots of loot hidden inside each level.

The “sniper elite 5 occupied residence walkthrough” is a guide that can help you find the collectibles and starting locations in the game. The guide will also include some tips for playing the game.

In Sniper Elite 5’s Occupied Residence, there are two extra starting spots and 19 new treasures to discover. The location of all Level 2 personal goods, stone eagles, personal letters, and classified papers is shown in the table below. The majority of them, like the ancient statuettes, are located within the Chateau, however a few are hidden in the surroundings. 

We’ll go counterclockwise around the map, from right to left, just as in our Atlantic Wall collectibles guide. Although we’ve made an effort to limit it, this guide does include a few minor plot spoilers. 

Collectibles from occupied homes and starting places


The day’s orders (Classified Document 1)


Go to the patrol in the Woodland Ford, indicated by the blue symbol, by moving from the Forest Clearing beginning position up the right side of the map. Kill the Nazis here, then climb the hill up to the MG42 emplacement’s right. A little hut with containers heaped around it will be seen. This information is located on a box in the center of the stack.

On a crate that is east of (to the right of) the MG42 emplacement in this region, on the south side of the central bridge leading to the Chateau, are the Orders of the Day. It’s also on a desk at Kummler’s workplace.

Attic repairs are urgently needed (Classified Document 2)


The Chateau Stables are located southeast of the Chateau gardens if you continue up the right side of the map, into the forest. Enter the building to the northeast with the Waffenkammer sign that is next to the road. Take this paper from the table on the building’s left side, which is also the table that contains the Old Tunnels Key and a pair of bolt cutters.

Note: You may also locate this stapled to the door of the chamber where you get entrance to Moeller’s Office’s attic, which is next to the Group Statuette (below).

Gun Workbench


To locate this workbench in the armory beyond the door near the table with the earlier intelligence, take the armory key from the officer at the same location.

New Orders, In Effect Right Now (Classified Document 3)


This classified document is behind the Gun Workbench on a table. Note: I also found this document on a table on the first floor of the farmhouse in the northwestern section of the map w/ the Workbench SMG. I also found it at the checkpoint at the Chateau’s main (south/central) entrance on a crate by the tent and parked vehicle.

One Stone Eagle


Look north or northwest toward the Chateau from the Chateau Stables. Two structures with high-peaked roofs that are linked to one another may be seen just northeast of the gardens and the gazebo. The nearest roof’s peak is where the stone eagle is located.

Starting Point for Chateau Stables


North of the chateau stables, across the street, is an encampment with a few small green tents. Find the campfire for this beginning place on the eastern side near a stone wall and little iron gate, just north of those tents.

Good Plan, Let’s Do It and Soldier Statuette (Personal Item 1) (Personal Letter 1)


Approach the structure with the stone eagle by passing via the chateau grounds. Sniper on the tower must be killed, and this personal item must be found on his corpse. Then, near the statuettes of the soldier and sniper on the left side of the tower, locate Good Plan, Let’s Do It on a little trunk.

Bench For Rifles


Go into the Chateau Cellars to find an armory and the Bench For Rifles. The cellars can be reached from three different areas:

  • the tunnel extending from the forest’s northern border via a wine cellar and into the basement via a bridge.
  • On the southern end of the main estate courtyard, a ramp leading down.
  • a staircase that leaves the ballroom.

Personal Letter No. 2: “Brother, I Have a Plan” and Group Statuette (Personal Item 2)


You may discover a dark, narrow stairway that leads up to the third level of the chateau estate in the center of the north side of the building on the map. This private letter sits on a table in the first room on the right after entering. The container to the left of the letter contains the Group Statuette personal item.

Completed renovations (Classified Document 4)


The primary goal includes this restricted document. It may be located in Moller’s office on a desk. 

Grateful Thanks and Operation Kraken (Classified Documents 5 and 6) 


In Moller’s Office’s hidden chamber, on a little desk at the rear right, is where you may find Operation Kraken. On the left side of the hidden area, Grateful Thanks is located on a table under a photo.

Nephew, don’t let me down (Personal Letter 3)


Kummler’s Office is the first space on the left after leaving Moller’s Office. When you go in, to the left on the marble desk is where you’ll find this letter. If you haven’t already picked it up, Orders of the Day is on the desk in front of you as you enter.

Need a Scapegoat and an Old Man Statuette (Personal Letter 4) (Personal Item 3)


Turn left and go toward the Chateau’s northwest corner as you leave Moller’s Office. After entering the second door on the left, turn right to enter a bedroom. At the foot of the bed, on a trunk, lies this letter.

To expose a safe with this private item inside, interact with the image on the bed’s left side in the same room.

Workbench SMG


Exit the Chateau via the northwestern side. Go through the orchards to the west until you reach a farmhouse near the river. Go into the attic by way of the vines on the northwestern side of the farmhouse for the Workbench SMG.

2 Stone Eagle


Leave the farm and go to the bridge next to the checkpoint (just south of the farmhouse). You may discover this stone eagle sitting on a crumbling stone wall to the southeast of it. It is to the left of a tree with pink blossoms and in front of a tree with red leaves.

3 Stone Eagle


the bridge, traverse. This eagle is sitting on a chimney on the farmhouse in front of you. Stop on the opposite side and stare straight ahead (west/southwest).

Farmhouse Munitions Starting Point


North/northwest of the earlier stone eagle, open the wooden farm gate behind the farmhouse. It is located on the map’s westernmost edge. 

Now you know where to find each of the items and starting points in Sniper Elite 5’s second task, Occupied Residence. Check out our walkthroughs for War Factory and Spy Academy as well. Visit this page for further instructions on finding workbenches, stone eagles, and game information. 

The “Sniper Elite 4” is a first-person shooter video game developed by Rebellion and published by 505 Games. The game was released on March 14, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Reference: sniper elite 4.

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