After completing the previous mission, you are tasked with going to a gas station and retrieving intelligence on some of Guernsey’s notorious collaborators. You drive up to the gas station but find it closed. Instead, you need to sneak into one of its outbuildings across from where there is an alleyway leading back behind the building.

The “sniper elite 5 mission 5” is the fifth mission in the game. The collectibles in this level are a sniper rifle and a dog tag.

Festung Guernsey, the fifth level of Sniper Elite 5, has 19 more items as well as two new starting places. Unlike the previous two levels, Mission 5 returns to The Atlantic Wall and Occupied Residence’s more open and spacious constructions.

The map below illustrates where you may locate all of Festung Guernsey’s stone eagles, secret papers, personal letters and objects, and workbenches. It also shows where you may find each of the other beginning points. We’ll primarily proceed counter-clockwise here, although the mission’s structure prevents us from doing so entirely.

Collectibles from Guernsey and Starting Points


Keep a smile on your face and bear it! (Classified Document 1)


Begin the level by heading to the peninsula’s radio tower. Continue beyond the bunker on the right (eastern) side, then ascend the steps on the same side, past the alarm, to the beige brick building behind the bunker. Take the safe code from the wooden table in the locker room at the top of the stairs.

Then climb the vines on the northeast side of the structure to get access to a second-story window. Inside, the safe is on the left.

Islanders Trying to Get Away (Personal Letter 1)


From the radio tower, take the road west to the Western Observation tower (the bunker immediately to the west). Enter from the hill’s eastern side and climb one floor to the summit. At the top of the stairway, turn right and enter the room with the U.boot poster. This personal letter may be found on the right-hand shelf.

1 Stone Eagle


Now, on the same level, walk outdoors (there are three Nazis guarding the “roof”). Dispatch them, and search for this stone eagle on the top of the bunker to the west/northwest.

There is no need to be concerned (Personal Letter 2)


Return to the radio tower by taking the route east from the observation tower. Follow it north (towards the northeast) (turning left when it comes to a halt). To your right, you’ll find a tower with a Nazi flag flying above it at an east/west (left/right) crossroads.

This is Martello Tower; go there while keeping an eye out for the tank, and destroy the bottom-floor office. Look for this personal letter among them.

Crystal Radio and Getting Off the Island (Personal Letter 3) (Personal Item 1)


Head north from Martello Tower to the farmhouse, then across the tank-filled field. Pass the ruined barn on the right and inside the second building on the right. Take the ladder down to a desk where you’ll locate both of these items.

Stone Eagle 2 is a sequel to Stone Eagle.


Retrace your steps back to the farm’s front yard. St. Hamilton’s Church may be seen to the west. This stone eagle may be seen on the roof’s left side.

Workbench for Rifles


To get to the tower window, go to the church and climb the vines and bars on the southeastern side. Inside is a workstation.

Officers in charge of oafish (Classified Document 2)


Use the zipline to go to the Underground Hospital entrance, which is up the hill behind the farm’s checkpoint. Enter the first chamber on the left after the road turns left. This paper sits on a desk in a linen/medical area, behind a poster that is part Nazi flag and half Rising Sun.

Transportation Issues (Classified Document 3)


Turn left and leave the room the same way you came in. Follow the trail all the way to the end, where you’ll find a chamber in front of you. This is on the right-hand side of the double-sided desk.

SMG Workbench and Harass the Huns (Personal Letter 4)


Turn left after exiting the chamber. Once outside, exit the subterranean hospital and turn right. Break open the entrance of the little stone structure at the top of the hill on the right. Crawl behind the table and debris to the left, then down the ladder to discover a personal note on a desk in front of you and a workbench to the left.

Starting Point: A Roadside House


Return to the map’s edge and cross the road to the southeast to discover the Roadside House starting point. Just west of the home is a checkpoint. To enter and open the door from the inside, climb the vines on the northeast side.

Goods that have been confiscated (Personal Letter 5)


From there, go northeast to the Mirus Construction area’s southeastern boundary. A Brownshirt may be seen near the green building, keeping an eye on the work zone below.

Uniform Badge of Todt (Personal Item 2)


The green cabin with heaps of rubble in front of it and a Japanese flag flying to the right is located on the northwestern side. When you go in, this personal thing is on the first table on the right.

Stone Eagle 3 is the third installment of Stone Eagle.


After finishing your work at the building site, go to the Mirus Munitions Bunker, which is located northeast of the construction zone (southeast of the actual gun). It’s in the center of the bunker, on top of it. From the main road, you’ll be able to see it from quite a distance.

Starting Point: A Countryside House


From Stone Eagle 3 is the third installment of Stone Eagle., go slightly northeast, to the edge of the map, to find the countryside house. Climb into the attic by way of the vines on the left side, then open the door to secure the staging zone.

Bag of Solace (Personal Item 3)


Remove the Mirus Gun, then return southwest to the Parish Farmhouse in the map’s center. Enter the home and ascend the stairs to the second story, then turn right at the top and straight along the hall to the bedroom on the house’s southwestern corner. This personal object may be found on the right side of the bed, in a series of drawers.

Extreme Measures (Classified Document 4)


Head due west from the farm to the Dollmann Observation Tower on the western coast (where you shot 1 Stone Eagle). Go into the bottom floor of the bunker near the firing range (the only way inside), and find this sitting on a table just inside.

Cost-cutting costs lives (Classified Document 5)


Enter the covert facility and the chamber where the valves must be turned. Stay on the catwalk above and enter the far right-hand chamber. This paper is on the left side of a desk (there is a safe behind the desk against the wall).

Workbench for Pistols


To go to the exfiltration region, exit the facility to the northeast. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll infiltrate a camp with a tank. Stay to the right and descend the ditch to the left of the MG42 position. To the right of the AA cannon is the workbench.

In Sniper Elite 5’s fifth level, Festung Guernsey, that’s where you’ll discover all of the workbenches, stone eagles, papers, letters, and beginning spots. Visit our dedicated (and expanding) SE5 tips page for additional mission guidelines. 

The “sniper elite 5 festung guernsey work benches” is one of the collectibles in the game. There are a total of 3 work benches in the mission that can be found, with 2 being on the ground and 1 being up high.

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