The best sniper rifle attachments are the ones you can use to rack up a high score. This list of top-tier snipers will help you get started with your own weapon and hunting game strategy.
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The “sniper elite 5 best loadout” is a list of the best attachments in Sniper Elite 5. The list will include information on how to obtain each attachment, as well as which weapons they are most effective with.



With a sniper rifle, a secondary weapon, and a handgun as standard equipment, Sniper Elite 5 allows extensive weapon customization. These guns may all be altered by adding certain accessories, such as scopes, barrels, muzzles, stocks, grips, and more.

This tier list makes an effort to order some of Sniper Elite 5’s top attachments. You will also discover why certain accessories work better with sniper rifles while others work well with assault rifles and SMGs.

S-Tier Connectors

Win and Co. A5

  • Sniper rifle sight type.

Perfect vision, or being able to see your target clearly, is the most crucial component of any sniper job. Even while this scope’s 5x zoom may not be the greatest in the game, it offers the clearest vision.

The Win and Co. A5 comes standard issue on the game’s best sniper rifles, and it’s one of the best for control and mobility, as well. The A1 and A2 Opticals may have 14x and 16x zoom, but you will likely only need those for long-long-range shots, such as in Mission 9. 

Blued and made lighter

  • Sniper Rifle Barrel is the kind.

The sluggish rate of fire that almost all sniper rifles in the game have may be quickly remedied with this barrel addition. Your rate of fire will improve thanks to Lightened and Blue, but it will also take longer to aim and equip yourself, which is as crucial. All rifles that can use this attachment gain in those regions with just a little increase in vertical recoil. 

When stealth fails, being able to shoot more quickly might save your life, particularly if you are carrying a weapon like the K98k. 

Suppressor MK II

  • Sniper rifle, SMG muzzle type.

The majority of sniper rifles are fairly noisy, thus it will be in your best interest to install a decent suppressor, particularly if you want to play more covertly.

In Sniper Elite 5, the MK II model isn’t the quietest suppressor, but it does a good job of balancing bullet drop rate without sacrificing power, control, or mobility. In certain situations, the trade-off is a reduction in hearing range of over 60 meters. 

Adjoinings of the A-Tier

Pad in leather

  • Sniper rifle, SMG stock type.

Stability and handling play a huge role when it comes to precision shooting, especially if you’re aiming for headshots. That’s why adding a Pad in leather stock to your sniper rifle can strongly improve the success of your shots.

For all the weapons it is compatible with, this attachment significantly improves control at the cost of a little reduction in firing rate. 

Travel Time Shortener

  • Sniper Rifle Receiver type.

This attachment can be of great help to beginners who find it hard to get every single shot right. The Travel Time Shortener increases the rate of fire on your weapon without sacrificing power, so if you’ve missed your mark the first time, it won’t take you too long to try and hit it again. 

Other receivers drastically lower a gun’s power, which might provide you an unfair edge in certain circumstances. The greatest receiver in the game is undoubtedly this one. Sadly, it can only be used with sniper rifles.

Metal Sights

  • Type: SMG Sight, Sniper Rifle

Most scopes in Sniper Elite 5 are designed with sniper rifles in mind, but if you need a scope for your secondary weapon, then Metal Sights would be the best choice. It won’t impress you with its 1x zoom, but you will notice that your aiming is much faster, which is very much needed when using an SMG or an assault rifle.

All sights for secondary weapons reduce control and mobility too much for the increased zoom to pay off. Though it is not entirely logical to put the sight on a sniper rifle, all gain increases to control and mobility and could be useful for players using a run-and-gun style. With the new ability to toggle your aiming perspective, Metal Sights have their place in Sniper Elite.

Bindings of a Lower Tier

M84 or ZF39

  • Sniper rifle sight type.

Some players could choose a more adaptable sight, such the M84 (for Allied weapons) or ZF39 (for Axis weapons), which enables them to employ several zoom settings and a typically greater rate of zoom, up to 12x in this instance.

Keep in mind that the M84 sight has far less visibility than the A5 sight, which will slow down your aiming. However, the ZF39 offers better visibility and is a wonderful alternative for K98k users.

magazine bag

  • Type: SMG Stock, Sniper Rifle

With just a tiny control cost, this attachment might be a useful addition to your backup weapon. It cuts down on reload time. However, as it decreases aim stability, something you probably do not want to give up for quicker reloads, it is not advised to use on your sniper rifle.

If you want to increase your aim stability on your rifle, then use the Wooden Pad or Pad in leather instead.

robust grip tape

Again, because to its better spread accuracy, the last attachment on our list is recommended for secondary weapons. Spread accuracy does not outweigh aim stability in terms of stat growth for sniper weapons.

In close battle, this may not be very important, but if you need to shoot your target from a distance, it might be quite crucial.

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The “sniper elite 4” is a game that has been released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is also available on the iOS platform as well. The “Best Attachments Tier List” will help you decide what attachments are best for your sniper rifle.

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