In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a dragon soul is required in order to learn the most powerful of all shouts. Learn what these are and how you can unlock them with this guide.

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Dragon yells are the Dragonborn’s signature powers in Skyrim. In Skyrim, there are 27 dragon yells that provide Dragonborn unique abilities that may alter the game’s outcome. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to unlock all of Skyrim’s dragon screams.

After uncovering Word Walls, extraordinary locations of power guarded by dragons, these magical talents must be learned. Within Dragonborn, you may learn words of power that release the might of dragon cries.

In Skyrim, here’s how to get all of the dragon screams.

To begin unlocking dragon yells in Skyrim, you must first finish Arngeir’s “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller” mission in Hrothgar the High, Whiterun. Once you’ve completed this task, return to Arngier and ask him the following question during your conversation:

“Have you found any Power Words?”

He’ll then direct you to the Word Walls (seen on the map above), which hold all of the powerful words needed to unleash dragon cries. However, Arngier will not tell you the locations if the dragon Paarthurnax is slain before this chat.

To completely unleash each dragon scream, you’ll need three words of power, each of which may be located on separate Word Walls. Each word will need the unlocking of one dragon soul. Dragon souls may be obtained by slaying dragons.

All dragon yells in Skyrim may be found in the following locations:

Shout of the Dragon Locations of the Word Wall Effect
Allegiance to Animals The Ascension of Angarvunde Ancients Ysgramor’s Tomb Animals in the area are summoned to assist the Dragonborn.
Whisper of the Aura Summit of the Northwinds Volunruud Valthume Animunculi, Undead, and Daedra are all detected.
Fury in the Battle The Tomb of Vahlok Enchants the weapons of nearby friends.
Etherealize yourself Barrow, Ironbound Valley of the Lost Ustengrav Redoubt Dragonborn becomes impervious to all forms of harm.
Bend Will Skaal Village Apocrypha Saering’s Watch Animals, humans, and dragons all have free will.
Dragon should be called. High Hrothgar, or Sky Haven Temple Odahviing dragon is summoned.
Valor’s Call Sovngarde One of the heroes from the Hall of Valor is summoned.
Blue Skies High Hrothgar Removes all weather-related affects
Cyclone White Ridge Sanctum Benkongerike Kolbjorn The weather impact of a cyclone is summoned.
Disarm Peak of Eldersblood Sanctum of Silverdrift Lair Snow Veil Up to Level 30, disarms all opponents.
Dismay Shalidor’s Maze Overlook Dead Crone Rock Lost Tongue Enforces opponents to escape
Aspect of the Dragon Bloodskal Barrow Temple of Miraak (Apocrypha) Dragonborn has the ability to transform into a dragon.
Dragonrend The World’s Throat A dragon is compelled to land.
Vitality is drained Arcwind Point is a place in the United States where you may Forgotten Vale Dimhollow Crypt Stamina, magicka, and health take five points of damage per second.
Fury of the Elementals Meridia’s Dragontooth Crater Shriekwind Bastion Statue Wind speed is added to a melee weapon.
Breath of Fire Sunderstone Gorge Throat of the World Dustman’s Cairn A fire bolt is released.
Breath of Frost Folgunthur Skyborn Altar Bonestrewn Crest Brings a frosty force to bear.
Ice Form Mount Anthor Saarthal Frostmere Crypt Releases a numbing force
Kyne’s Happiness Fast Shroud Hearth Barrow by Ragnvald Rannveig Wild creatures are calmed.
Death Sentenced Autumnwatch Tower is a watchtower in the city of Forsaken Cave of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Enemies’ armor and health are depleted.
Soul Tear Durnehviir Rips the soul out of the adversary, causing a lot of damage.
Slow Time End of the Hag Labyrinthine Korvanjund Time is slowed.
Storm Warning Skuldafn Forelhost High Gate Ruins Heavy rain and thunderstorms are predicted.
Durnehviir should be summoned. Durnehviir Durnehviir, the undead dragon, is summoned.
Make a Noise Shearpoint Enemies are distracted.
Unstoppable Power Barrow High Hrothgar Bleak Falls Enemies are stunned.
Sprint in a Hurry High Hrothgar Volskygge’s Dead Men’s Respite Dragonborn takes a step ahead.


Once you’ve found a dragon yell, perform these procedures to activate it:

  1. Open the main menu of the game.
  2. Navigate to the “Magic” menu.
  3. Submenu “Dragon Shouts” should be selected.
  4. Choose an unlocked dragon yell.
  5. On a PC, press “R,” on a PS3/4/5, “Square,” on an Xbox 360/One/X/S, or “Y” on a Switch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dragon souls do you need to unlock all shouts?

A: The answer to this question is unknown.

Why cant I unlock shouts when I have dragon souls?

A: The shout system has been temporarily disabled. It will be available again soon! Sorry about that, but we had to do this for a few days while we address some of the issues with it.

Do all dragon shouts have 3 words?

A: Yes, all of the dragon shouts in The Witcher 3 have three words.

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