One of the most iconic and fun moments in Skyrim is when you walk into a cave, see all these dragon masks on the wall and then proceed to smash your face into them. Truthfully though, that’s not how it goes: there are many subtle tricks for getting each mask without too much bloodshed. Here’s what you need to do…

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Dragon Priest Masks are among the greatest pieces of equipment in Skyrim. There are 10 in the game, each with its own bonus, and the majority are gained by slaying the game’s immensely difficult Dragon Priests. We’ll go through the locations of all 10 in this post, as well as the skills they provide.

In Skyrim, here’s how to get all of the Dragon Priest Masks.


The first mask may be earned by slaying Hevnoraak, who can be located southeast of Markarth in the remains of Valthume.

Talk to Valdar at Valthume’s gate to begin the quest to locate this priest, and Hevnoraak will be confronted along the road. You must first finish the “Evil in Waiting” side quest before you can go far enough into the ruins to locate him. You will be immune to poison and disease with this mask on.



To get the Krosis mask, you must first slay Krosis the Dragon Priest while fighting a dragon. This is not a simple task, as you would assume.

When you believe you’ve gained enough experience to take on an encounter like this, go to Shearpoint, west of Windhelm, and enter the dragon’s lair. This mask will give you a 20% boost in Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy.



This is one of the more straightforward masks to get. Morokei is situated southeast of Morthal amid the Labyrinthian ruins.

Enter the ruins and make your way through the dungeon to track down and kill him. This mask will increase your Magicka Regeneration by 100 percent.



You won’t be able to find this priest until you’ve completed the “World-Eyrie” Eater’s quest, which is a key mission in the Skyrim plot. You will go to Skuldafn throughout this quest, a place that is only accessible during this quest.

After solving the riddles, you’ll come across Nahkriin and two dragons a little farther along in the mission. Kill him to get his mask, which gives you a 50% increase in Magicka and a 20% cost reduction on Restoration and Destruction Magicka.



Otar the Mad may be found amid the ruins of Ragnvald, northeast of Markarth. To reach Otar, the ultimate monster, you must battle your way through the dungeon, much like you did with the Morokei mask.

His mask will increase your resistance to Fire, Shock, and Frost by 30%.



To locate Rahgot, go to Riften and then southeast to the Forelhost ruins. When you approach these ruins, a solider will approach you, triggering the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest.

If you accomplish this quest and meet all of the requirements, you will be able to face Rahgot and claim his mask. This mask will increase your stamina by 70%.



You’ll need to complete the “A Scroll for Anska” quest to get this mask, which includes Vokun as the final boss. To get this task, go west of Dawnstar to the remains of the High Gate and enter the dungeon. Anska, who will give you the mission, may be found here.

Make your way to the finish and fight the Dragon Priest to obtain the mask, which will reduce the cost of Illusion, Alteration, and Conjuration Magicka by 20%.



This is another mask that is rather easy to buy. Volsung, the Dragon Priest, may be found west of Solitude in the Volskygge ruins. To approach the priest, hack and slash your way through the debris, defeat him, and take his mask as your own.

This mask will boost your carry limit by 20 points, enabling you to breathe underwater, and give you 20% off via Fortify Barter.

Mask made of wood


This is a one-of-a-kind mask in that you don’t have to kill a priest to get it, and it doesn’t provide you any bonuses. However, it functions as a key to the Dragon Priest Shrine. This mask may be discovered in the central barrow of the Labyrinthian ruins. 



Last but not least, the Konahrik mask is awarded to players once they have collected all nine masks.

To get access to the Dragon Priest Shrine, you must put everything except the Wooden Mask atop the shrine while wearing the Wooden Mask. The shrine’s entrance may be found in the same barrow as the Wooden Mask. This mask allows you to heal when you’re low on life while also taking health from surrounding adversaries.

Now that you know how to get each Dragon Priest Mask in Skyrim, go out and locate the one that best suits your needs. If you want to learn more about Skyrim, go over to our guides page!

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The “best dragon priest mask” is the most powerful and rarest type of Dragon Priest Mask. It can be found in a chest in the Nordic ruin of Mzulft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get all the dragon priest masks?

A: There are two ways to get all the masks in Skyrim. One is by completing the main questline, and then looting Alvors chest that has one of each mask. The other way is to visit Anise at her house in Markarth once you have completed your first part of the main quest line, where shell ask you for various items from around Skyrim with which she can make a new set of Dragon Priest Masks.

How many dragon priest masks are there in Skyrim?


How do I get the 9th Dragon Priest mask?

A: You can buy the 9th Dragon Priest mask with Gems or you can get it randomly in game.

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