The NBA season is just around the corner, and players are preparing for their new season. One player in particular is looking to make a name for himself this year, and he has something to prove.

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DeMar DeRozan might have won an NBA title with his hometown Los Angeles Lakers, but he’ll instead concentrate on helping the Chicago Bulls improve their fortunes.

DeRozan signed a three-year contract with the Bulls for little under $85 million as part of a sign-and-trade deal with the Spurs. In previous seasons, Chicago’s club has been stuck in mediocrity, but DeRozan is motivated to help the new-look Bulls disprove the skeptics and create ripples in a competitive Eastern Conference.

The Lakers were connected to DeMar DeRozan.

For good reason, DeRozan and the Lakers appeared to be inextricably linked.

DeRozan grew up in Compton, California, as a Laker fan. Before getting selected into the NBA, he admired Kobe Bryant and excelled at USC. After a first-round elimination, the Lakers were looking for impact players, and DeRozan’s playmaking and midrange scoring appealed to them.

According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, DeRozan and former Toronto Raptors colleague Kyle Lowry were interested in joining the Lakers. Turner also said that DeRozan would be ready to take a salary reduction to join his hometown club, but it was unclear how much of a pay cut he would be willing to accept.

The Lakers were facing financial difficulties heading into the summer. After the Los Angeles Lakers took on Russell Westbrook’s deal, the difficulties only intensified. The Lakers (and their crosstown rival Clippers) were ultimately unable to sign DeRozan due to their restricted flexibility. The four-time All-Star landed a better contract with the Bulls and will now attempt to quiet his detractors in Chicago.

DeRozan is unconcerned about whether or not he will “fit in” with the Bulls.

The response to DeRozan’s major transfer to Chicago was a confused combination of acclaim and criticism, which matches his reputation as a divisive player.

DeRozan should help the Bulls improve. He’s a classic midrange scorer and one of basketball’s most underappreciated innovators. He also gets to the free-throw line (7.2 attempts per game), which is crucial for a Bulls team that finished last in free-throw attempts last season.

However, DeRozan’s poor perimeter shooting and usage rate raises concerns about his fit in Chicago. These issues are amplified substantially by contract value. DeRozan is unconcerned about how he fits in with Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and Lonzo Ball, despite the concerns.

“For me, it doesn’t matter about a ‘fit,’ because it’ll all come together how it has to come together and make it work,” DeRozan said, per NBC Sports Chicago. “Because, in the end, the lowest common denominator wins.”

DeRozan seems unconcerned about the noise. In fact, he enjoys detractors and skeptics who continue to say his style of basketball is obsolete or useless.

“I’ve had motivation after motivation since I’ve been in the league,” DeRozan stated, according to NBC Sports Chicago. “Critics. Doubters. Naysayers. He replied, “This, that, and the third.” “You certainly feed from that as a competitor.” I’m sure I hear it.”

In what might be a crowded Eastern Conference, the Bulls will almost certainly have to overcome some obstacles. DeRozan’s ability to create plays and assist Chicago in achieving more scoring variety will be critical in the team’s quest to return to the playoffs.

DeRozan is on the hunt for his first NBA title.

New Chicago Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan reacts during a game in May

New Chicago Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan reacts during a game in May DeMar DeRozan isn’t afraid of the crowd | Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

DeMar DeRozan has yet to win an NBA championship. Will he be able to do it with the Bulls? Despite all of Chicago’s free agent acquisitions, that seems to be a distant shot.

With Nikola Vucevic’s entire season under his belt and all of DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso entering the fray, Chicago is poised to improve year over year. Even yet, concerns about team defense and championship experience will arise.

There aren’t many guys on this Bulls team that could be described as “winners.” Caruso won a championship with the Lakers, but he’s more of a backcourt depth player now. Vucevic and LaVine haven’t had much success as a team, and Lonzo Ball hasn’t had much success in his short career.

DeRozan is the player with the most postseason experience. As the Bulls attempt to make a run in the Eastern Conference, he must bring a winning track record to the table.

Perhaps the Compton native should have left money on the table in order to have a better chance of earning his first Lakers ring. DeRozan, on the other hand, seems to be aware of his value. To get his first championship, he’s choosing the more harder route. It’s always been that way for DeRozan, who thrives on the challenge.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

Since the days of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, the Chicago Bulls have not had this level of star talent.

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