What could be the most monumental basketball moment in history turned out to not even be close. Michael Jordan’s final game, which was an 89-point thrashing of the Utah Jazz at Madison Square Garden on October 6th, 2003–his last home game ever–finished with a blowout win that had everyone wondering how it would have unfolded differently if he hadn’t retired.

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While Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are one of the most well-known sports couples, their relationship is far from perfect. Six NBA titles were won by the two men together, but fractures appeared around the time of The Last Dance. Pip looked ready, willing, and able to take every imaginable shot at His Airness, and things only got worse with each passing interview.

The forward, on the other hand, seems to be singing a different melody now. Pippen said in a recent interview that he would “only” like to play with Michael Jordan.

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the “he said” aspect of Pippen-Jordan exchanges, the wider discourse reveals something that can’t be avoided. His Airness’ legacy is complicated, and there are many sides to the narrative.

Scottie Pippen said that he would ‘only’ play alongside Michael Jordan if he could.

Michael Jordan (L) and Scottie Pippen (R) during their time with the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan (L) and Scottie Pippen (R) during their time with the Chicago Bulls. On the Chicago Bulls bench, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan sat together. | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

If you took any of Scottie Pippen’s more recent statements at face value, you’d assume he had a vendetta against Michael Jordan. While there’s no way of knowing what’s going on inside the former forward’s mind, it seems he still appreciates MJ’s basketball skills.

Pippen was recently interviewed by KTLA in Los Angeles. While there was some debate about the Lakers — he doesn’t feel they have the chemistry or collective sacrifice to succeed — it led to other things. Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson were singled out by Pip as a set of leaders capable of taking a team to the next level.

In a similar vein, the former forward was questioned about his most famous teammate, Michael Jordan. If given the opportunity, would Pip still work with His Airness?

“Yes! Pippen said, “I would only play alongside Michael Jordan.”

Even if you overlook the practical difficulties of that assertion — Pippen and Jordan, despite their skill, will struggle against a five-man team — the conclusion is plain. When it comes to on-court basketball ability, it’s difficult to criticize Michael Jordan.

Pip brought up the perennial challenge of evaluating His Airness.

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The apparent inconsistency in Pippen’s latest statements is part of what makes them stand out. How could he be so critical of Jordan but yet wanting to play beside him and no one else? While we don’t have access to Pip’s head to know what he’s truly thinking, his apparently conflicting remarks do correspond to previous ones.

Jordan wasn’t the best man to be around, as The Last Dance reminded us. He felt compelled to win at any costs, which may lead to his becoming a jerk. All is fair in love and battle, as the adage goes, but shattering comrades’ confidence and striking them in the face during practice is surely out of bounds.

Those may seem to be apparent “wrong” behaviors, but listening to the Bulls reflect on that period reveals a little more complexity. According to Steve Kerr, the confrontation with Jordan aided the two men in developing a deeper on-court chemistry. That sounds a lot like what His Airness stated at the emotional conclusion of his ESPN series, when he claimed his actions were driven by a mix of his personal desire to win and a desire to encourage his teammates to be their best.

“When people see this, they’ll think, ‘Well, he wasn’t exactly a kind man; he might have been a dictator,’” says the author. According to Jordan (via Insider). “That’s you, since you’ve never won anything before.” I wanted to win, but I also wanted them to succeed and be a part of it. … That was my approach to the game. That was my attitude. If you don’t want to play in that manner, don’t.”

While such reasoning isn’t flawless – stating, “This is how I am, and you may leave if you don’t like it,” for example, doesn’t free you of responsibility But it does muddle the waters. Jordan’s viewpoint is understandable. You can see how Kerr may see a brawl as more of a challenge than an attack. That doesn’t make it right, but it helps us comprehend it.

Aside from that, there’s the reality that Jordan was a decent basketball player. It would be one thing to have this demeanor and to win one championship, but His Airness dominated the NBA. He won six titles, almost every individual accolade possible, and forever transformed the face of athletics. That’s the kind of CV that gets you a pass but also traps analysts.

Jordan was a bully, but his tactics were effective. Perhaps we shouldn’t be too harsh with him. Wait a minute, Jordan was a renowned champion who was also a jerk. Let us not mindlessly laud him. The cycle then repeats itself.

That’s not to suggest we should let MJ loose since he was a terrible teammate in many instances. However, his NBA résumé should not serve as a blank check for anything else he has accomplished. Even if it doesn’t fit nicely on the back of a basketball card or a Wheaties box, they’re both part of his legacy.

Scottie Pippen is emphasizing it in an odd, indirect, and certainly accidental manner. You may criticize Michael Jordan’s actions while still wanting him on your side when the chips are down, even if it seems strange.

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Dominique Wilkins is perplexed by Scottie Pippen’s dislike towards Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan’s legacy is a difficult thing to judge. It has been debated for decades and the debate will continue into the future. One man who can speak on it, however, is Scottie Pippen. In his latest comments about Michael Jordan, he shows how difficult it can be to judge the greatness of MJ. Reference: michael jordan number.

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