This week, we’ve come across an article on ESPN’s website that’s sure to interest any golfer. A report from former Chicago Bulls superstar Scottie Pippen claims he once received a set of golf clubs from Michael Jordan as a gift in an effort to take all his money. “I thought, ‘Wow, he’s trying to get my money, or he’s trying to get something from me,’” Pippen said.

In an interview with ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, Scottie Pippen (and his son) revealed that his former teammate Michael Jordan gifted him a set of golf clubs so that he would learn to play golf. The story was reported by the Chicago Tribune, who noted that Scottie Pippen was not supposed to play golf at the time.

Speaking of dynamic duos: Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are the biggest powerhouses in the NBA. On the field, the two Chicago Bulls stars complemented each other and led their team to six championships. But off the field, they didn’t always see eye to eye.

In at least one case, Son Air gave Scotty a gift. While a new set of golf clubs usually seems like a nice bonus, Pippen was not happy about it. According to him, MJ was trying to play the long game and take his money.

Scotty Pippen recently said he never had the best relationship with Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen sit together on the bench of the Chicago Bulls. | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

If you only looked at their basketball skills, Pippen and Jordan seemed like a perfect pair. In defense, Scotty was an excellent stopper, relieving MJ of some of his burden. Offensively, he can handle the ball and score. Defenders are forced to decide whether to double Jordan and leave Pip open or play both at the same time. However, this success in the field has not led to a personal relationship.

In a recent interview with GQ, Pippen talked about his connection to His Air. Michael was more than a game, you know? Even when I first came to Chicago, he was an iconic figure in the NBA, the forward said. That’s why we never had that kind of relationship off the field. Michael had the power and control. He built it for me for years.

While we can cynically assume that Scotty is intentionally throwing gasoline on the fire to promote his bourbon and his upcoming book, this comment was not the first time we heard about the conflict with Jordan. During the filming of The Last Dance, rumors circulated that Pippen was unhappy with his performance on the show. In an interview with The Guardian, he even admitted that he wasn’t very happy and explained that he had mentioned it to MJ.

Scotty Pippen said MJ gave him golf clubs to take his money

While his pride hasn’t had the best relationship with Pippen, we know that Jordan has given his teammate a gift on at least one occasion.

Michael was such a basketball superstar, and he was more than any superstar that has ever existed in any sport, it wasn’t like he was an ordinary guy, like, let’s have lunch. It’s different, Pippen said during The Last Dance (H/T NBC Sports). My first year, he gave me a couple of golf clubs.

Behind closed doors, the producer added: Giving a set of golf clubs to a beginner is a nice gesture. That’s a fair point, but it wasn’t that simple when MJ stepped in.

He was trying to bait me into getting all my money, Pippen explained with a laugh.

To be honest, we only know Pippen’s opinion of this gift. It is entirely possible that the attacker made the cut and projected his own opinion of his speed onto the situation.

Michael Jordan is no stranger to big bets on golf


Again, it’s impossible to know the true intentions when Jordan gave Pippen a set of golf clubs. Judging by the amount of work, Scotty probably wasn’t wrong to think that golfing with MJ would be an expensive endeavor.

While studying at the University of North Carolina, Jordan Davis met Love III and fell in love with golf. Sports soon became a new arena for MJ to train his competitive muscles. As his earnings increased, the NBA star began making big bets on the court.

For example, during an appearance on the sub-par Golf podcast, Charles Barkley told a story about golfing with his Airs. The two men played $1,000 a hole, but when Chuck reached a certain green, Jordan announced that he didn’t need to finish. According to MJ, the putt was already good.

As you can imagine, Barkley was a little confused. Jordan is known for his competitive spirit. Why would he give up a hole and a thousand dollars?

The striker later learned that Jordan made an additional $100,000 bid for his putt. Barkley was on his line, so MJ decided to give up $1,000 for the big prize.

Sometimes, when you have Michael Jordan in front of you, caution is the better part of valor. Scotty Pippen seems to have figured it out.

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