This is a list of all the Musubi codes for the anime Scarlet Nexus. They are all for the anime Scarlet Buster, and the first one is the official code, followed by the alternative codes.

If you’ve watched any anime in the last decade, you’ve probably seen a character bite into a sushi roll with a code printed on it. These codes are called “Scarlet Musubi Codes”, and they’re printed on various food items in the anime. Well, here’s the list of all their anime appearances!

After a two-year hiatus, the series was brought back to life in April of this year with a new chapter, a new main character, and a new anime-only rival. As such, I figured it was time to revisit what I thought of the franchise back when I first heard about it.

Scarlet Nexus Musubi codes are a feature teased in the game well before they became useful or usable. They’re part of a tie-in Bandai implemented with the Scarlet Nexus anime and follow Musubi’s journalist friend Mimi and her tale of political intrigue.

But more importantly, the Musubi anime codes give you free outfits to customize your hero and companions with. We’ll be updating this list regularly as new codes release, so make sure to check back if you missed an episode.

What are Scarlet Nexus Codes?

Musubi summons you to her cafe once the hideout unlocks and asks you to decode a message from Mimi. You can do that (or you can just read further down on our list) to get a small reward and kickstart the Mimi code quest chain.

Each episode of the Scarlet Nexus anime will have a scene with a segment you need to decode to get Musubi’s password. Head back to Musubi’s and pick the requisite week to open a text input screen. Add the code from that week in the anime, then you’re good to go.

Musubi only takes codes as they’re made available in the game, so even if you get one ahead of time, you can’t use it until that episode airs (on Funimation, if you’re watching in the U.S.).

Scarlet Nexus TV Show Anime Codes

These are all the Scarlet Nexus anime codes. We’ll update the list as more codes become available through the TV show. Note the first code is for Musubi’s initial quest, in case you don’t feel like decoding it.

Code The Goods
CODE 1,000 Kin
Such a liar Poster Vision for Yuito
Tell the truth TBD

Whatever the remaining codes end up getting you, it’s a handy way to deck out your party without buying the deluxe edition or using your hard-won exchange materials on cosmetics. That’s all you need to know about Scarlet Nexus codes, but be sure to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips.You’ve searched for the Scarlet Nexus musubi codes, and you’re bored of the same old questions. You want to learn the Scarlet Nexus musubi codes, but you don’t want to pay a fortune for a guide. You won’t find any guide online because there are none to be found. If you’re still with us, you’re in luck. This guide is here to teach you how to use Scarlet Nexus musubi codes.. Read more about scarlet nexus anime release date and let us know what you think.

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