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Salt and Sacrifice is a game that allows players to create their own character and start off with the items they want. This guide will show you all starting crime items in Salt and Sacrifice.



In Salt and Sacrifice, choosing the correct crime for an inquisitor is just as crucial as choosing your character’s class. A good beginning crime item may help you improve your stats and provide you additional benefits.

This guide will offer you with a list of all the beginning criminal items in Salt and Sacrifice, as well as brief definitions of what they imply.

Salt and Sacrifice all starting crime items

Crimes of Alchemy

  • 3x Phlogiston Decoction as a starting point.

A Phlogiston Decoction is a powerful potion, which can be thrown at enemies, exploding on impact. Selecting Crimes of Alchemy gives you three such potions.

Arson is a kind of arson.

  • 5x Fire Bomb as a starting equipment.

Firebombs are identical to Phlogiston Decoctions in appearance, but you only receive five of them.

Crime of Blasphemy

  • 1x Harmony Censer (starting item).

By having unfriendly creatures fight intruders, you may transform them into allies.

Brigandry Offenses

  • 1x Cutthroat’s Dagger is the starting item.

This may seem to be a new weapon in your armory, but it only boosts your stamina, which is useful for mobile classes.

Drunkenness Offenses

  • 5x Cracked Wineskin is the starting item.

This item may be filled with consumables like restorative elixirs and used to store them.

Forgery is a serious crime.

  • 1x Forged Deed is the starting item.

This is a forgery of a paper for a plot of land in the Altarstone kingdom that may be traded for goods.

Crime of Heresy

  • 1x Krine Tablet is the first item.

This is another item that may be exchanged, but only for 5x Dawnlight Tokens.

Crimes of Lasciviousness

  • 1x Lock of Hair as a starter item

This is an upgrade resource that may be used to enhance your weapons at the blacksmith.

Crimes of Smuggling

  • 1x Signal Lantern as a starter item

Lanterns are helpful for illuminating the route through the Altarstone kingdom’s deepest dungeons.

Crime of Extravagance

  • 1x Signet Ring is the first item.

The Signet Ring is a charm ring that may be used to determine a person’s value.

Usury is a kind of extortion.

  • 1x Bag Of Silver is the first item.

A bag of silver contains 1,000 silver coins, which may be exchanged for goods at merchants.

Crimes of Vagrancy

  • 1x Wooden Doll (Beginner)

You may trade a doll for Gray Starstone by giving it to Herbalist Shanna in Pardoner’s Vale.

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