In its latest game, “Saints Row: The Third,” the series takes a turn for the more lighthearted in an attempt to recapture some of that old magic. Players can finally choose their own gender this time around and customize themselves with wacky powers. But is it enough?
In just two weeks from now, on August 25th, fans will get a chance to find out firsthand when Saints Row 4 releases at midnight on consoles and PC.

The “saints row 2022 co op” is a reboot of the game Saints Row. The game is set in an alternate timeline, where the Earth has been ravaged by a nuclear war and humans now live in underground bunkers.

Self-made. It’s a term you’ll hear a lot when it comes to Volition and Deep Silver’s forthcoming Saints Row revival. It’s huge and bold in trailers and demos because it’s key to the game’s design philosophy: this is a game that lets you be whatever you want and play as you want. It’s been a running theme throughout the series, and it’s now being expanded upon. 

In the end, being self-made comes down to having a choice. In Saints Row, there are a plethora of customization choices for practically everything, as well as a million different ways to play.

During a hands-off preview, I was got to witness around 40 minutes of Saints Row in action, and it seems like a lot of fun. Even though the story is a little more grounded than Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, there’s still a lot of craziness here, keeping the franchise’s popularity – and setting it apart from GTA – alive. 


We already know that the Saints Row customizing system’s scope is a little out of control. You’ll be able to customize your Boss from head to toe, and one of the nicest things is that you’ll be able to do it on the go.

Instead of visiting your HQ or a store (though you may still do so if you want, and you’ll need to travel to the latter to actually purchase stuff), you can use an in-game phone app to change anything about your Boss in real time, including gender, skin tone, skin type, and haircut. Volition demonstrated this by completely reworking a character as they walked along a sidewalk.

Weapons and vehicles will be extensively customisable, as well. That was something we always knew was possible, but the extent of readily accessible choices displayed in the preview was astounding, especially when compared to the April personalization teaser. Every weapon and the game’s 80 vehicles have dozens, if not hundreds, of different combinations. Yes, the tank and attack helicopter may be customized to your heart’s delight. 

The Saints HQ is the only item missing from this smorgasbord of personalization. It’s still unclear if your Homebase can be customized to the same degree. It seems that erecting collectable sculptures in very particular locations around the church grounds is all there is to it, but more granular choices may be kept for a later release. Maybe. Hopefully. 


There’s a lot to accomplish in Saints Row besides polishing your appearance and setting up your HQ to perfection. For both long-time fans and others who may be discovering the series for the first time, Santo Ileso seems to be a sandbox worth exploring in.

There are a number of settings to choose from, including deserts and canyons, busy city streets, industrial zones, and everything in between. There will be 25 main objectives and a slew of side missions, as well as random events – such as cracking open armored cars for cash – Mayhem events, and 14 commercial enterprises in which you take over city districts using unethical methods like as insurance fraud, weapons trafficking, and drug sales. 

The demo’s first mission featured the Saints as they stormed a lending store outside of town early in the game. Following a brief cinematic, a hectic driving part with cops in close chase ensued (as they always are in these types of games).

The aim as the Saints sped through the streets of a desert suburb was to get away from the police in any way possible, which largely meant exploiting the new sideswiping (pit maneuver) skill to make vehicles collide and the surroundings go boom. It was pretty standard GTA-style car-chase-car fare, but it didn’t make it any less engaging. 


The Saints subsequently used an assault chopper to rain gunshots and rockets down on an unsuspecting Los Panteros gang hosting a BBQ outside of a factory-turned-hideout. What is the goal? Infiltrate the complex and destroy a giant truck to exact vengeance on the ne’er-do-wells. After all, why not?

Fighting across the complex demonstrated the ability to fire automobiles off their blocks and send them flying into gang members, as well as the more standard weapons that would be accessible, such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, and sledgehammers. 

But don’t worry: there will be some bizarre weaponry as well. A third expedition demonstrated these to their full potential. There are finger guns made of foam. The Thrustbuster, for example, is a football-like weapon that attaches to adversaries and vehicles and launches them into the stratosphere in a ball of light. There’s an infrared weapon that can pierce through solid objects. And, of course, there’s a piñata launcher that releases, well, exploding pinatas. 

There are also takedowns, which see your Boss smack down foes or Crane Kick them in the face as a finisher. There are also different talents and powers, ranging from the basic, such as laying smoke screens, to the more bizarre, such as Pineapple Express, which involves putting a grenade down an opponent’s trousers and hurling that enemy towards anything that requires exploding. 

And that’s the issue with the new Saints Row. It’s unlikely to be innovative, and it may veer between a serious story and ludicrous gameplay in a manner I’m not convinced it can carry off. But if it doesn’t embody the old Saints Row cartoonishness and make it appear like being self-made is going to be a lot of fun, then it’s not worth playing. 

The Saints Row revival will be released on August 23 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and will have complete drop-in-drop-out co-op, so we’ll have to wait till then to see how it all comes together.

The “saints row criminal customs release date” is a reboot of the popular franchise, Saints Row. The game will be released on August 23rd, 2018.

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