Rory McIlroy has a new bride now, after getting engaged to his fiancée Erica Stoll at the weekend. In fact, the golfer got engaged to his girlfriend of eight years just four minutes after he won the US Open on Sunday. The 28-year-old was delighted after securing his fourth major title at the tournament, but his celebrations were cruelly cut short when the light bulb in his locker room exploded, leaving him covered in green-colored slime.

Rory McIlroy, the world’s No. 2 golfer, had a date set up with his future wife at the Masters (one of the four major tournaments each year) for years. But in front of thousands of people, he went golfing with a supermodel instead.

Golf is a game that’s driven by emotion, and when the emotion is at its peak, the result can be very powerful. Rory McIlroy and his wife, Erica Stoll, are living proof of this. The couple met on a golf course in Dubai back in 2009 after Rory had just won the PGA championship. The two would go on to marry in 2013, and now the golfer has revealed that he’s met his wife thanks to one of the most embarrassing moments of his career.

In 2012, Rory McIlroy experienced his most embarrassing moment as a professional golfer when he nearly missed a match in the final round of the Ryder Cup. The 18-time PGA Tour winner made a mistake in Sunday’s schedule and needed a police escort to get to his singles match against American Keegan Bradley. While that humiliating moment nearly cost the European team the Ryder Cup trophy, it turned out to be the best mistake of McIlroy’s life. He won his match against Bradley, Europe came back to win the Ryder Cup, and McIlroy met his wife Erica Stoll during the process.

Rory McIlroy’s most embarrassing moment in golf

Rory McIlroy and his wife Erica Stoll pose during the 2016 Ryder Cup opening ceremony at Hazeltine National | Andrew Redington/Getty Images word-image-15115 COMPARED TO: Has golfer Lee Westwood ever won a major championship? On the final day of the 2012 Ryder Cup, the Americans held a solid 10-6 lead over the Europeans. They needed only 4.5 individual points to win the European trophy. McIlroy was scheduled to play a singles match against Bradley on Sunday morning. He was about to make his rounds in his hotel room, 30 km from Medina, when he heard knocking on the door. At that moment, a lieutenant and a representative of the European Tour stormed into the room and told him he was still 30 minutes from his tee time. McIlroy had no idea. He confused eastern time with central time and was in no hurry to get on the job. Everything changed in an instant. I was panicking, really, McIlroy told the New York Times in 2014. Because not only did I have to endure the disappointment of being late, but so did 11 other guys on the team, as well as the captain and vice captain. So it was a pretty frightening moment. McIlroy suddenly had half an hour to get ready and finish the 20-minute drive to the course in time for his one match.

McIlroy met his wife on aouting

. COMPARED TO: Phil Mickelson put his $400 million fortune to work for a disgruntled country star, adding $9 million to his bank account Once McIlroy was located, the PGA Tour sent a driver and police escort to the hotel so he could be in Medina on time. The driver of the emergency vehicle? McIlroy’s future wife, Erica Stoll. They talked about things on the way to class, and a few months later they started dating. And McIlroy won his match against Bradley to secure victory for the Europeans in the Ryder Cup. What could have been the worst day of his life turned out to be the best. Erica had us constantly in and out that week. He was passing through there, so he was always in the parking lot [in front of the clubhouse], McIlroy recalled talking to reporters ahead of the 2019 BMW Championship. But yeah, it’s always cool to look around and think back on that week and of course everything that’s happened since. It’s very cool.

Rory McIlroy and his wife Erica Stoll have been married since 2017

. COMPARED TO: How golfer Fred Pauls tragically lost both his parents and both his ex-wives I’ve struggled; I’m exhausted It didn’t take long for McIlroy and Stoll to rekindle their relationship after the latter’s mistake during the 2012 Ryder Cup, and four years later they married. In August 2020, the couple had their first child, a daughter named Poppy. Stoll met McIlroy at his worst, but that apparent romantic drive led to a fruitful relationship for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Rory McIlroy meet Erica Stoll?

Golfing superstar Rory McIlroy was set to play a December 8th round of golf in France in 2013 with his girlfriend, tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki. At the time, his girlfriend was campaigning for her court case against him, so the media speculated that McIlroy would be the perfect distraction to keep Wozniacki’s mind off the trial. The two met for the first time a few days before the event. That meeting went smoothly, but on the day the two were supposed to play, McIlroy was a no-show. Rory McIlroy and Erica Stoll met at a charity golf tournament in 2004. The young Irishman was introduced to Stoll by his father who was friends with the latter’s father. At the time, Stoll was only 15, and Rory was 22. The 24-year old golfer has since admitted that he was taken aback by the young woman.

Who is Rory wife?

Rory McIlroy has been dating his girlfriend Erica Stoll since 2012. In fact, the couple has been together for so long it is hard to believe that they are still together. A lot of people are wondering how Rory and Erica met. Rory McIlroy is one of the world’s best golfers and he has the success that comes along with it. A worldwide superstar, he has the looks, the charm, and the game to match. He has also recently tied the knot with Erica Stoll, a former Miss America who is now a lawyer.

What is Rory McIlroy’s net worth?

Rory McIlroy may have been named one of GQ’s ” Best Dressed Men of the Year ” in 2012, but he has never been shy about showing his wealth off to the world. In an interview with GQ in 2012, he said: “I’m not the kind of guy that’s like a fake-tanned, has a vacation villa in the Caribbean. I’m not into that. But she (his wife, Erica Stoll) has been very supportive of that lifestyle. I think that’s important. She understands that and she’s not snobbish about it.” Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer who started playing at the tender age of two and quickly showed interest in the game. The Ireland native became one of the world’s best young golfers, and his rise in the ranks was meteoric; in 2008 his star was shining bright enough to earn him a spot on the European Ryder Cup team.

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