In this guide, I will teach you how to find and use the mysterious key. This is a difficult task in Rogue Legacy 2 because it does not always appear where you might think it would be.

The “rogue legacy 2 tutorial secrets” is a guide that will help players find the mysterious key in Rogue Legacy 2.



In Rogue Legacy 2, the Mysterious Key is used to unlock the alternative ending, which is the game’s actual conclusion.

This tutorial will teach you where to get Mysterious Key in Rogue Legacy 2 and how to utilize it. It’s worth noting that this item is only accessible at the conclusion of the game, so don’t expect to get it and learn its mysteries before the finish.

Rogue Legacy 2: How to Find the Mysterious Key

The Mysterious Key is a drop from Jonah, the last monster in Rogue Legacy 2. He’s in the Garden of Eden, which is accessible through the Citadel Agartha biome.

Jonah is a fast-moving foe that can teleport and utilizes dashes. Once he leaps atop the tree, use ranged attacks, and if he comes too near, cut him with your melee weapon right away.

After defeating Jonah, you must face another boss, Cain Prime, who can be located in Castle Hamson. Return to Jonah and talk with him again after you’ve defeated this boss to acquire the key.

Rogue Legacy 2: Where to Use the Mysterious Key

Because the Mysterious Key provides no information regarding its use, you must figure it out on your own. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Return to the Tutorial area.
  2. Navigate to the eastern tower.
  3. To go to the absolute top, use platforms.
  4. To your left, jump.
  5. Land on a structure’s snowy roof below.
  6. Find a little campfire and lie down just behind it.
  7. Follow an unseen tube to your right until you reach the instruction to unlock the door.
  8. In the next chamber, go all the way to the bottom.
  9. To unlock the lower door, use the Mysterious Key.

A number of Eupraxia’s Notes may be found within the secret area, revealing more about the game’s backstory. You’ll also encounter the Divergent Dimensions Scar, which demands players to confront the Rebellion’s mind and sight.

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The “rogue legacy 2 secret boss” is a key that can be found in the game. The key will allow players to access a hidden area of the game. There are many ways to find and use the key, but one way is by finding it in a chest on the first level of the game.

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