The Rock is no stranger to working with Sylvester Stallone, as both had roles in the “Rocky” franchise. But when the Stallone and Damon Wayans starrer “Rift” is released in theaters, it will be the first time that the two have worked on the same project in seven years.

We have a world where time travel is possible and it looks like the gameplay of the upcoming PS4 title Ratchet and Clank:Rift Apart Gold Bolts is going to take advantage of the new PS4 Camera feature. PS4 owners can take advantage of these features to recreate the most famous scenes of the movie. Here is part of the guide that will show you how to get to that specific scene.

Gold Bolts are a rare gold item in Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time that can be found only on the planet of Qwark’s Moon. They are primarily used to repair the Rift on the moon, so without them Ratchet would not be able to repair the Rift at all. Many players have been looking for Gold Bolts, and it’s one of the most difficult Gold Bolts to find.. Read more about ratchet and clank release date and let us know what you think.

Like the games that preceded it, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apartis full of collectibles. To get the Nooks and Crannies trophy, as well as access to all the cheats in the game, you must collect the Gold Bolt Rift Apart.

Gold bolts are scattered throughout each level of the game. Some are easy to reach, others are hidden in hard-to-reach places and require some cunning or clever editing. Below we have all the places with gold bolts in the game Ratchet and Clank :. Rift Apart , so you can collect them before taking Map-O-Matic.

Spoilers for follow below.

[Note: Aaron Bain, David Carcasol and Jonathan Moore contributed to this guide].

All the golden latch locations in Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart

Corson V, Nasty City

Nefarious City on Corson V is the first area you can explore in Rift Apart. To get all the gold bolts in the level, you must complete the first story mission in its entirety and interact with the NPC Phantom to get the Phantom Dashgadget.

The first two gold bolts can be collected without the Phantom Dash gadget. However, you must have a gadget to get the third gadget.

Golden Bolt 1

The last gold bolt in Rift Apart can be found in Main Prison Area. After you find Ratchet and Keith’s cell, you must turn off the prison’s power source, releasing all prisoners.

Once back in the cell area, run along the same platform to find the last gold bolt , hidden in one of the cells.

And that’s it! You’ve collected all the gold bolts in Ratchet and Clank :. Rift Apart. You now have the Nooks and Crannies trophy, but more importantly, access to all Rift Apartcheats like infinite ammo and more. For more tips, see our other R&C section: ToursRift Apart .

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