It wasn’t always this way for the Chiefs’ QB. Coming out of Texas Tech, Mahomes was considered a once-in-a-generation talent—the type of player who could make an offense as dangerous as the Chiefs’. His game was supposed to be reminiscent of a young Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, throwing the ball all over the field while he showed off his incredible arm.

In the run up to the Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was dutifully answering questions about his game and future. One reporter asked Mahomes how he was able to improve his game, and he said “I watched Super Bowl 55 back-to-back up until the end, where the Patriots had one last chance to win the game.” Mahomes said he had watched the game closely because of his own weaknesses. “I noticed that I struggled with going to the sidelines in Super Bowls,” he said. “I’d go to the sideline after a play and I’d be thinking to myself, ‘I should have gone to the sideline this time. I should have kept my eyes on the ball!’”

At the conclusion of the 18-game NFL regular season, many players are already focused on postseason preparation. But not the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. Formerly a touchdown-scoring machine, Mahomes is frustrated by the fact that he’s thrown only three touchdowns on the year, and he has yet to experience the playoff thrill of scoring a touchdown. Mahomes has even admitted that he has been watching Super Bowl 55 intently in order to learn how to fix his fatal flaw—throwing too many interceptions.. Read more about patrick mahomes reaction to super bowl loss and let us know what you think.

As a football athlete, Patrick Mahomes has few faults. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback possesses a cannon for an arm, Olympic-level accuracy, deceptive elusiveness in the backfield that enables him to avoid defenders, and a fierce competitive fire that never goes out.

Mahomes recognized a major flaw in his game when rewatching his worst performance of his short NFL career in Super Bowl 55 – a fault he’s been trying to improve this summer.

It’s conceivable that we’ll see an even better Mahomes this season, which is bad news for any NFL club that isn’t the Chiefs.

While rewatching Super Bowl 55, Patrick Mahomes discovered a major weakness in his game.

Patrick Mahomes knows what he has to do to improve this season.

Patrick Mahomes knows what he has to do to improve this season. The Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes watches the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55 | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

No one could have predicted how Super Bowl 55 would play out. The Chiefs were completely outplayed from start to end in a 31-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have never lost by more than one touchdown since Mahomes took over as starting quarterback in 2018.

Surprisingly, Mahomes’ offense did not score a touchdown throughout the game.

Kansas City’s offensive incompetence in the game was mostly due to their failure to protect Mahomes. Tampa Bay took advantage of a shaky offensive line that was missing several players and pressed Brady 29 times in the game, a new Super Bowl record.

However, Mahomes acknowledges that it wasn’t all his line’s responsibility. This summer, while painstakingly rewatching the game, he discovered a troubling trend that he didn’t like.

In a recent interview with Kevin Clark of The Ringer, Mahomes said, “Sometimes, when I get hit early, I don’t trust remaining in the pocket and going through my reads.” “I tend to revert to backyard football a little too often. And the Super Bowl was a perfect example of this. There were moments when my pockets were completely empty and I was still scrambling.”

Mahomes is throwing all of his chips into mending this one, with so few faults in his game to solve at this time.

Mahomes is focused on increasing his pocket presence.

In terms of his quarterbacking abilities, Mahomes doesn’t have much room for improvement. He already possesses the NFL’s strongest and most accurate arm, and his exceptional playmaking ability provides fans with weekly thrills they’ve never seen before.

But now that Mahomes has recognized a flaw in his game, he’ll do all he can this summer to convert it into a strength.

He informed Clark, “I’ve been going back [working] on it.” “Making sure I trust the people around me and the pocket, making the read inside the pocket rather than trying to pull off a huge play.

“We have drills with a long drive. We’ve gone 15 or 16 plays in a row where we’ve stepped up in the pocket and made the correct reads rather than scrambling and throwing all these other things. That’s simply something that comes with practice and a lot of effort, which I’ve tried to put in every year.”

NFL, take note. This season, we’ll see a calmer, more patient Mahomes in the pocket.

Taking notes from living legends

Mahomes revealed to Clark during the same discussion that he analyzes other great quarterbacks in the league and even seeks guidance from them. So far, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have been two of his most important sources of information.

“The way he can move inside the pocket and find those routes while still making those big-time passes downfield is something I believe I need to become better at and continue to develop with,” Mahomes said of Brady.

He added of Rodgers, “I think the greatest thing with Aaron is you see how he’s developed throughout his game.” “It’s similar to what I’m talking about, where he used to scramble a lot more, make all the various throws, and now he can simply slice you up through the pocket.”

Brady and Rodgers are two of the greatest quarterbacks in the game when it comes to moving the pocket and being patient under pressure. It’s game over for the rest of the NFL if Mahomes can enhance that aspect of his game.

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Super Bowl 55. The final chapter in what has been an incredible season for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. In the past four years, Mahomes has earned the right to be the face of the franchise, and he has wasted no time showing why. Over the past two weeks, he has impressed fans with his play, which carries the promise of years to come. Super Bowl 55 will be Mahomes’ third and final opportunity to secure the franchise’s first championship. In the past, he has vowed that he would not let the team down again if they fell short. He made the same vow once again during his post game interview following the team’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round.. Read more about patrick mahomes wallpaper and let us know what you think.

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