Patrick Mahomes is the new face of football. He’s a 25 year-old QB on the verge of breaking all kinds of records, and he’s also on a team that’s set to make it to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. For that reason, he’s been featured on SportsCenter and other ESPN shows during the NFL season, but he hasn’t always gotten the respect due. Case in point: this week, the NFL’s league MVP award was given to the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady.

The Kansas City Royals are on the brink of an unprecedented World Series run—but for a team that has already won more playoff games than all but two franchises in MLB history, they are still making their case to be mentioned among the all-time greats.

Kansas City Chiefs superstar QB Patrick Mahomes has earned quite a reputation in the past two months. He’s been on a tear, and that was proven on Friday night when he set the single-season passing record for a rookie QB. Mahomes is now the fastest player in NFL history to throw for 13,000 yards, and he actually did it in fewer games than guys like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. He’s also tied with Rodgers for the league lead in touchdown passes, with 28. He hasn’t missed a game in two years, and he’s got two more years to go after this one.

Patrick Mahomes will certainly need to win a few more Super Bowl rings before he can challenge Tom Brady for the GOAT moniker, but there’s no question the 25-year-old has placed himself in a position to dethrone the apparently immortal quarterback. After all, despite just starting three seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has achieved more than most NFL players could ever hope for.

Of course, Mahomes fell short of winning back-to-back championships in Super Bowl 55, due to a dominating effort by Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That hasn’t prevented the NFL’s best quarterback from receiving a coveted award that shows even TB12 isn’t in his league.

Patrick Mahomes has an enviable resume for a 25-year-old quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes, happy birthday!

He has a long list of achievements by the age of 25:

‣ Led CFB in passing yards ‣ Top 10 draft pick ‣ 2 Pro Bowls ‣ NFL MVP ‣ 50 TD season ‣ Won Super Bowl & named MVP ‣ Signed contract extension worth up to $503M

What did you do before you turned 25?

September 17, 2020 — CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ)

By moving up to get Mahomes with the 10th overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Chiefs took a risk. The rocket-armed quarterback’s potential to become a pro star was questioned when he graduated from Texas Tech. Fortunately for Kansas City, going all-in on the multi-sport athlete proved to be the greatest move the club has ever made.

Mahomes caught the NFL by storm in his first season as a starter, after waiting behind Alex Smith as a rookie. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound quarterback was named MVP after tossing a league-high 50 touchdown passes. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the Brady-led New England Patriots terminated their 2018 season in devastating manner.

The next year, Mahomes was able to exact vengeance. Despite a significant drop in his regular-season statistics, he delivered when it counted most. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54 thanks to a fantastic fourth-quarter effort that featured two touchdown throws by Mahomes.

With a Super Bowl ring and an MVP trophy at home, the Texas native made history by signing a 10-year contract deal for up to $503 million. He immediately put his newfound financial clout to work by becoming a minority shareholder in the Kansas City Royals ownership group.

Despite the fact that Mahomes’ 2020 season didn’t go quite as expected — quarterback battled with numerous injuries and struggled in Super Bowl 55 — he was named to his third consecutive Pro Bowl. Needless to say, for someone who won’t be 26 until September, he has quite the résumé.

Mahomes just received a coveted award, proving that even Tom Brady isn’t in his league.

Despite defeating Mahomes with the Lombardi Trophy on the line, Brady was unable to defeat his skilled opponent in Madden NFL 22. While the GOAT got a decent score, it’s obvious that he’s not in the same league as the quarterback who just won a major award from the famous video game company.

In Madden NFL 22, Mahomes can officially name himself a member of the 99 Club, according to an EA Sports press release. The 99 Club also includes Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

What about Brady?

He had the game’s second-highest rating (97) of any quarterback. However, the fact that he is ranked below Mahomes demonstrates that the Chiefs’ star is really unique. Unlike Brady, he has exceptional physical tools that enable him to excel both in the pocket and on the run. Mahomes may not have the same amount of experience or game knowledge as the five-time Super Bowl MVP, but he has a once-in-a-generation skill set that sets him apart from every other NFL quarterback, even Brady.

Is this, however, a guarantee that he will be regarded as the GOAT after everything is said and done?

Is there a genuine chance that the Chiefs’ star can unseat Brady as the GOAT?

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes signals to the crowd as Tampa Bay Buccaneers QBTom Brady waves to fans in the stands after winning Super Bowl 55.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes signals to the crowd as Tampa Bay Buccaneers QBTom Brady waves to fans in the stands after winning Super Bowl 55. Tom Brady gestures to supporters in the stadium after winning Super Bowl 55. Patrick Mahomes motions to the crowd. | Getty Images/Jamie Squire | Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

Given his performance in his first three years as a starter, Mahomes seems to have a good chance of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at least a couple more times throughout his career. He has an outstanding general manager (Brett Veach) and head coach in addition to his own skill and the good supporting cast around him (Andy Reid). Plus, Mahomes plays at an age when the rules are more geared toward allowing offensive players to flourish than ever before.

However, given that he needs six rings to catch up to Brady, he clearly has a long way to go before he can be considered a genuine contender for the GOAT award. With the Buccaneers seeming likely of winning back-to-back championships, Mahomes may need to win seven to stay up with his soon-to-be 43-year-old counterpart.

Regardless, barring any major physical setbacks, he should at least keep the discussion lively. Because, even if he doesn’t have as many Super Bowl titles as Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes may force us to proclaim him the king of quarterbacks because of the really extraordinary things he can accomplish on the field.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics. Spotrac provided all contract information.

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