A golf tournament is defined by one simple phrase – “A game of skill, based on a game of luck.” If a golfer doesn’t hit a good shot, he or she is out. But if a golfer hits a bad shot, he or she is still out. So if a golfer has a bad day in a tournament, he or she is still out. If a golfer hits a bad shot and loses, he or she is still out. Even if a golfer hits a bad shot and wins, he or she is still out.

Tiger Woods is a six-time Masters champion—and I made him a bet, and you read about it in my latest book. All right, that may not be true, but the point is that if you’re a golf fan, you know that Tiger is one of the greatest golfers who has ever lived. If you’re not a golf fan, I can tell you that the thing about Tiger is that he seems to be able to come back to the top of the game when it seems like his career is over. And, of course, he’s only thirty-three years old!

A golf blogger named Doug Thorburn recently published his latest round of golfing adventures, which included a round of golf on his home course in Texas. Thorburn was riding his golf cart on the second hole when his driver began to come out of his hands. In his attempt to regain control, Thorburn pinched the head of the club between his thumb and forefinger, and a hole-in-one resulted.

Michael Jordan may have earned his reputation on the basketball court, but he only knows one way to do business. He needs to play to win whether he’s shooting hoops, playing cards, or performing word searches. That drive to be the best naturally extends to the golf field. Justin Thomas can attest to this.

MJ is a good golfer, but he seems to be ready to take advantage of a situation when the chance arises. Jordan has allegedly been known to take some liberties on the golf course in order to set himself up for the greatest possible stroke, according to Thomas.

Michael Jordan is still remembered as one of the world’s most successful athletes.

In terms of basketball achievements alone, His Airness possesses one of the most impressive résumé in NBA history. While six championships, five MVP awards, and a slew of other individual accolades speak for itself, Jordan’s record of success is far from complete.

Aside from his tremendous skill, MJ was driven to win and was ready to go to any length to achieve his goal. He would trash-talk teammates and opponents equally in the hopes of gaining an edge, and he held himself to very high standards. Even the Space Jam set, for example, was transformed into a gym to assist Michael in performing at his best.

When Jordan stepped away from the court, he didn’t make matters any easier. Countless tales have surfaced over the years describing how the NBA great cheated at cards, broke golf etiquette to win a bet, and did anything else he could to achieve the top position. It’s hard to ignore the underlying message: Compete against His Airness at your own peril.

His Airness cheats on the golf field, according to Justin Thomas.

NBA legend Michael Jordan lines up a putt during a golf tournament.

NBA legend Michael Jordan lines up a putt during a golf tournament. On the golf course, Michael Jordan sets up a putt. | Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

Given what we know about Jordan and his competitive nature, it’s not surprising that he’d cheat on the golf course. Justin Thomas, who was wearing a microphone at the time, appeared to corroborate that fact in September 2020.

In celebration of the opening of Woods’ Payne’s Valley Golf Course, Thomas teamed up with Tiger Woods for a match against Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy. Tiger, on the other hand, didn’t have much of a home-court advantage, as he hit his opening tee shot out of bounds. Thomas interrupted as the four men proceeded down the fairway, explaining how His Airness would handle the issue.

According to BroBible, Thomas stated, “It would be like playing with MJ [if we discovered that tee shot].” “‘I got it, it’s right here,’ says the narrator. It kicked out into the fairway, Tiger.’”

His Airness seems to be a good golfer based on what we know about him. A tee shot may be shanked by anybody, and a free drop on the fairway wouldn’t hurt either.

On the golf field, Michael Jordan and Justin Thomas have a history.

To be fair to Michael Jordan, there’s no way of knowing whether Thomas is lying. However, it’s worth mentioning that the two men have a history on the golf field.

Justin spent a lot of time working as a caddie since his father was a teaching pro at a golf club in Kentucky. On a few occasions, he carried Jordan’s bag — the NBA star would stop by the course on visits to the Kentucky Derby — and, on one occasion, the future PGA pro even played a few holes with His Airness. The team came out on top, allowing the 16-year-old to earn some additional cash. Thomas said, “We had a very memorable day that we still speak about.”

While it’s conceivable that the golfer was exaggerating, everything else appears to match together. We all know how much MJ enjoys winning and have heard rumors regarding his propensity to cheat. He and Thomas had a prior connection, which lends credence to the remark. Overall, though, it’s fair to conclude that playing golf with Michae Jordan is never a good idea. His Airness plays to win, whether he cheats or not.

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On the 16th of May, 1993, Tiger Woods won the Masters. The day he hit the first of his successive holes-in-one, the big question on everyone’s lips was ‘How?’. Read more about golf announcer with handlebar mustache and let us know what you think.

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