You’ve probably heard the term MVP thrown around, but what does this mean, and how is it chosen? Here’s your complete guide to MVPs in the NFL.

When it comes to sports, there are a lot of awards out there. For example, the NBA has the MVP award that goes to the top player each year. The MLB has its Cy Young Award for its best pitcher, and so on. But what exactly is an MVP in the National Football League, and how does one get chosen?

When thinking about the best NFL quarterbacks in 2022, there are a few that stand out as potential MVPs. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the NFL’s Most Valuable Players.

What is the MVP award?

The MVP, or Most Valuable Player, is a title given to the player who has made the most significant impact on their team’s performance. It’s usually given to the person who is most valuable to their team’s success. This means that it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be the best player in the league—it just means that they are the most important person on their team.

The award is generally made to someone who has had an outstanding season or series of games over several months/years rather than just one game or even a few weeks.

Many sports have MVPs

It’s not exclusive to the NFL; the world’s major leagues (MLB, NBA, NHL, and European Soccer) each have one annual award for their top player. These awards are presented at a special ceremony, and there is usually lots of media coverage around them.

How is the MVP decided?

The NFL MVP award is given out every year to the best player in the league. It’s chosen by a panel of 50 sportswriters across the country, and it’s often referred to as “the most prestigious award in professional sports.”

The MVP of the NFL is voted on by the Associated Press (AP), and it’s based on a combination of statistics and game performance. In other words, it’s not just about who had the best stats—it’s also about who played the best.

The MVP is an annual award given out by the National Football League. The winner is chosen by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters, who vote for their top five choices. The votes are tallied, and the player with the most votes wins.

How often is a new MVP picked?

It’s given to one player who has had the best season of any player in the 32 NFL teams in the league.

The MVP award is decided on after each season ends and then announced near the start of the year, around February.

Is MVP voting fair?

The MVP is a very subjective award based on several factors, including team success and individual achievement, but also personal bias over who deserves it more than others by voters.

Because of this bias, some people have argued that other methods should be used to determine who wins an MVP award; perhaps a panel of experts from all over the country who are neutral toward each team could determine which player deserves it. But even then, there would still be issues—maybe one expert thinks Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers because he’s been watching him play longer!

Since the award isn’t based on stats alone, it’s always going to be subjective and, at times, controversial.

NFL’s most famous MVPs

Notable past winners include Tom Brady (New England Patriots), Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings), Nick Foles (Philadelphia Eagles), Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots), Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts), Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers), Eli Manning (New York Giants), Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals), Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints), Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers). So who’s your favorite player on this list?

Other prestigious NFL awards

The NFL has a wide variety of awards, many of which are voted on by the players themselves. The MVP award is just one of many that you can win as a player in the NFL.

The NFL also gives out several other awards, including Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Rookie of the Year. These awards are given out at a banquet shortly before the Super Bowl.

The AP Offensive Player of the Year Award goes to the most valuable offensive player in football. It’s awarded by Associated Press (AP) writers who vote on it each year. In contrast, the AP Defensive Player of the Year Award goes to the most valuable defensive player in football. However, it’s also awarded by AP writers who vote on it each year.


The MVP award is a subjective award based on several factors, not just a player’s stats. The winner of the MVP Award is decided by a vote among 50 members of the Associated Press at the end of each season. Keep an eye out to see who’s going to be your team’s MVP this season!