Sandrock is a new way to play soccer, and it’s bringing in players of all levels. This game has been around for more than 20 years but now you can find me playing at any level out there. Here are my tips on how to get started quickly in the sport that I love so much.,

“My Time at Sandrock” is a game where players must get as many goals as they can. It is a fun and challenging game that is easy to play. Read more in detail here: my time at sandrock.

There’s good news and bad news if you’re wondering how to make Gols quickly in My Time at Sandrock. The good news is that there is a way to obtain a lot of Gols – Sandrock money, to put it another way.

The bad news is that it’s not quite simple, and it can cost you some Gols. After some early grinding and losses, though, you’ll begin to accumulate a considerable financial reserve that you can utilize to finance larger projects while spending less time going through the processes.

In my time in Sandrock, I learned how to get Gols quickly.


The first thing to remember is that this is My Time at Sandrock, and nothing occurs quickly here. Completing commissions from the board at Yan’s shop is the best method to earn Gols. These generally pay you hundreds of Gols and simply need you to turn in simple objects like bricks or grindsaws at the lowest stages. 

On the surface, it seems like a good bargain, but in most circumstances, you’ll have to turn in at least five of the desired items, if not more. Unless you’ve been grinding materials and crafting for a long, you’ll almost certainly need to purchase some more resources to manufacture these goods. After you complete the commission, you’ll most likely need to purchase or make additional of the identical products to replace the ones you used.

It’s a convoluted system, but after completing a half-dozen or so commissions, you should have enough money to fund your basic purchases for the following several commissions, side quests, and major narrative demands.

Main missions pay handsomely, making it easy to recoup your losses from purchasing crafting materials.

In my time at Sandrock, what should you sell?


The majority of your belongings may be sold, particularly in your first few months in town. Your fundamentals, such as stone and dinas, are the only items you should never sell.

Plants are useless for a time, so sell the ones you obtain while collecting water. For the time being, they’re practically free money.

Bumble ant honey is also a fantastic option, particularly in the first several weeks. While the sale price is low, you can easily pick up hundreds of stacks of the tasty stuff, more than enough to replenish your stone fund.

What Should I Buy First at Sandrock?


Slots in the inventory I’d even go as far as to suggest that you should spend practically all of your first income on extending your stuff, since the game is tight with the original bag size.

You’ll want to acquire the blueprints for any crafting materials Yan offers, such as the bronze cog, and then some more data discs from the Eufaula Salvage Shop to help unlock new machines, in addition to the backpack and vital crafting materials.

Grab bronze ore and tin ore while you’re there to produce the components you’ll need to enhance your pickhammer. The bronze pickhammer expands the number of things from which you may get resources, and the game anticipates that you will have updated your scavenging tool by the time you complete the first three or four primary tasks.

After then, keep the balance of your money in a safe place for a time. For a long time, outside of basic crafting goods, there’s nothing required at any of the shops, and conserving money means less grinding when it’s time for the larger expenditures.

That’s all there is to know about earning Gols quickly in My Time at Sandrock; for more information, check out our other My Time at Sandrock recommendations.