A guide to all the various places you can find Monster Hunter: Rise of the Rock Lizard.
Location: You’re standing on a plateau, at least three meters high and maybe one or two hundred square meters in area. Around you there are many trees with thick branches that grow straight up from the ground; they seem almost like stone, as if they were built by man rather than grown naturally out of nowhere.;
You sense movement around your feet – something is crawling into view beneath those shrubs! Your heart starts pounding…

The “mh rise: rock lizard locations” is a guide that tells where to find the Rock Lizard in Monster Hunter Rise.

It’s more harder than you may imagine to discover Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise. Because they are little creatures that like their seclusion, you’ll have a hard time hunting them down.

It is, nonetheless, worthwhile to put out the effort. You can get quite a deal out of these pint-sized animals even if you aren’t doing the Endemic Life: Rock Lizard quest.

Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Rock Lizards


Rock Lizards are almost literally everywhere in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll find them on every map, though they tend to remain in hard-to-reach locations at high elevations. They’re also exceptionally small and easy to overlook, so navigate carefully as you climb around the peaks and ridges of each environment.

Rock Lizards may be seen in this area.

Rock Lizard Locations Shrine Ruins

Rock Lizard Locations on the Frost Islands

Locations of the Sandy Plains Rock Lizard

Locations of Flooded Forest Rock Lizards

Rock Lizard Locations in Lava Caverns


The easiest one we found was the first one, though, in Shrine Ruins sector 1.

Drop down the waterfall normally, then go to the pass that leads to sector 4. Climb up the rock wall with your Wirebug to locate the Rock Lizard relaxing on the green meadow at the top of the formation.

What Do Monster Hunter Rise’s Rock Lizards Do? 

If you’re completing Endmic Life requests, grab your camera from the Action Bar and take a picture to finish the quest. If not, get your kunai out. You can get three item drops from the Rock Lizard if you use your kunai to defeat it, and the items are pretty handy as well, ranging from ores to crystals and more.

That’s all you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Rock Lizards, but make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more tips and tricks.

The “wisplanterns monster hunter rise” is a guide that will show you where to find the Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter: Rise of the Zilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find rock lizards in Monster Hunter Rise?

How do you take a picture of rock lizard in Monster Hunter Rise?

A: You will need to find a camera. There are also cameras that can be purchased in the games shop.

Can you catch endemic life rise?

A: Yes, that is possible.

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