Minecraft 1.17: How to Find Amethyst Geodes in Caves and Cliffs: As many of you have already noticed, Minecraft 1.17 is out and it comes with a lot of new features! One of the major features in this update is the addition of geodes in caves with a new material type, which are blocks that contain a gem inside. This block type was added to help players find more materials in caves, as well as to help them craft new blocks. The new block type can be found in caves in the overworld by looking on the map. The following tips will help you mine more geodes in caves and expand the variety of materials you can find in caves.

Minecraft: Not for the faint of heart. Everyone knows the game Minecraft, but how many of you actually know where the amethyst geodes are? “Minecraft 1.17: How to Find Amethyst Geodes in Caves and Cliffs”

Minecraft 1.17 has just been released, and the patch notes for this update have revealed the surprise inclusion of extra resources in the game, including amethyst geodes in Minecraft’s caves and cliffs. Amethyst is a rare and beautiful gem found in Minecraft. It can be mined using a pickaxe (golden or iron) and be refined in a furnace using gold ingots. Since amethyst can only be found in Minecraft’s caves or cliffs, there are some caves and cliffs that are particularly rich in amethyst. Below, I have written a guide on how to acquire amethyst geodes in Minecraft 1.17 and 1.16.

word-image-5285 Amethyst geodes are the newest underground structures in Minecraft 1.17 :. Caves and rocks Update. They look like compartments of blocks of calcite and amethyst that are layered on the outside and hollow on the inside. In this guide you will find tips on how to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft 1.17. These structures are generated in increments of 1 in 53, which means they are quite common and you should have no problem finding them. But there are some places where you can easily find them without having to dig up a lot of ground.

How to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft 1.17

Natural production

Amethyst geodes can yield Y coordinates from 0 to 70in . This means that you can also find them on the surface of the world. This is good news, because they are often found in places like. :

  • Marine biomes and visible in water
  • Areas of biomes Savanahs and deserts
  • Found in ravines and caves

Before you go into the basement, check these areas first. If you can’t find them on the surface, you can explore other underground structures that are often intersected by amethyst geodes, for example:

  • Abandoned mines
  • Dungeons with Mob Spawners
  • Underground cavities and caves
  • Strengths
  • Portals to underground ruins

Finally, you can use our Minecraft seeds to get the exact coordinates of the Amethyst geodes location on the marked world.


Amethyst geodes are the source of the following amethyst blocks:

  • Smooth basalt
  • Calcite
  • Amethyst cluster
  • Bud Amethyst
  • Amethyst shard
  • Binoculars
  • amethyst flower
  • Amethyst block
  • Tinted glass

While smooth basalt and calcite blocks are purely decorative, other amethyst blocks have special and unique functions. Amethyst buttons and bouquets give off a muted light that can be used in dark rooms:

  • Small buttons Illuminate Step 1
  • medium buttons give light stage 2
  • Large buttons Light up Level 4

Thelorgnette, made of amethyst chips and copper rods, can be used as a magnification instrument that allows you to see and explore remote areas. Finally, the tinted glass has the ability to block light, which can be used to suppress light from the glowing stone. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and using amethyst geodes in Minecraft 1.17 :. Caves and rocks Update. For more guides on Minecraft , visit our hub page, and if you were looking for Minecraft seeds, please visit this page.After the long wait for 1.17, Minecraft is finally here and ready to rock our worlds! The 1.17 update comes with quite a few new features, including: New biomes, such as the Mushroom Biome and the Mushroom Island, with unique new resources and structures. New monsters and mobs, including the new Husk, the Stone Golem and the Magma Cube. Caves and cliffs, with new decorative and useful features.. Read more about minecraft amethyst geode and let us know what you think.

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