At a Florida high school, hundreds of students were forcibly removed from the football stadium by law enforcement officers who had been notified that some kids were being choked out. Though there have been no criminal charges filed due to the lack of evidence, parents are suing for civil rights violations and damages on behalf of their children.

With the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb will continue his rise to superstardom. Lamb, the team’s first-round choice in 2020 (Little. 17 overall), wasted no time in establishing himself as a true WR1-type player after his NFL debut.

Lamb concluded his first season with 74 catches, 935 yards, and five touchdowns despite receiving throws from backup quarterbacks Andy Dalton, Ben DeNucci, and Garrett Gilbert for the most of the season. Despite the presence of teammates Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup at wide receiver, Lamb did a good job garnering targets.

Fast forward to 2021, and Lamb is ramping up his output to unprecedented heights.

CeeDee Lamb is swiftly establishing herself as the Cowboys’ finest wide receiver.

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images/CeeDee Lamb

Lamb’s output soared once Dak Prescott returned to the starting lineup for the start of 2021. He already has 609 receiving yards and four touchdowns on the season, and he’s on pace to reach career highs in both categories.

Lamb’s yards per catch has also increased from 12.6 to 15.6 – a testimony to the rapport he and Prescott have developed on deep targets.

Through seven weeks of activity, the second-year wideout leads the Cowboys’ offense in targets, receptions, and receiving yards. Prescott’s favorite offensive target is increasingly becoming him. Lamb’s case for becoming the Cowboys’ No. 1 wide receiver is becoming stronger by the game.

However, competing opponents regard the hoopla of becoming “America’s Team’s” best receiver with scorn. During the Cowboys’ Week 8 triumph against the Minnesota Vikings, Lamb was reminded of this hard fact.

Lamb claimed a Vikings defender choked him out.

Lamb is caught angrily criticizing one of the Vikings’ defenders in a Sounds from the Sideline video on the Dallas Cowboys’ official Youtube page (3:26).

“On the sideline, a man was choking the f*** out of me,” Lamb added.

During their weekly mailbag feature, the Cowboys’ official website brought up the subject. Cowboys writer Nick Eatman went so far as to argue that Harrison Smith should be fined or given a warning.

I didn’t see it at all on Sunday night. I’m sure the officials just missed it. However, if you saw it, the NFL has seen it as well. And, given that CeeDee has been penalized for wearing the incorrect socks or having his jersey untucked, Harrison Smith is a solid bet to get a warning from the NFL.’s Nick Eatman

The Cowboys have regained their position as the best team in the league.

This isn’t to imply that everyone in an NFL game deserves to be choked out. If Lamb’s claims are accurate (and it seems that Lamb was choked), Smith should be penalized. Being one of the top dogs in the NFL, on the other hand, has both advantages and disadvantages.

Year after year, the Cowboys are in the limelight. However, this is the first time they’ve walked the walk in a long time. They’re 6-1 and have a tight grip on the NFC East at this stage in the season. Moving ahead, they clearly have a bullseye on their back.

The Cowboys can expect this sort of treatment in the future, whether it’s additional hits here and there, trash talk at the line of scrimmage, or just general nastiness on the field.

CeeDee Lamb, a rising star (who isn’t exactly modest), is undoubtedly at the top of defensive backs’ hit list right now.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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