Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a quest game for Nintendo 3DS. The player controls Kirby’s movement through levels by tapping on the touchscreen to make him walk, stop, or jump. Players can also use the stylus to draw paths in front of Kirby using his copy ability (such as making walls appear to bounce enemies back)

The “Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Hidden Waddle Dees in Wondaria Remains” is a video game for Nintendo Switch. It was released on March 29, 2019. The Kirby series has been around since the late 80s/early 90s.

One of the most important methods to proceed in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is to locate the deviously buried Waddle Dees. Wondaria Remains, like all of the previous planets until the final, offers more than a dozen areas to explore.

Finding Waddle Dees provides Kirby with extra upgrading possibilities as well as helpful businesses where he may purchase stuff. But, most crucially, they provide the game’s main challenge and enjoyment. If any of them have you perplexed, here’s where you can discover all of the Hidden Waddle Dees in World 3, Wondaria Remains. 

The Location of All Hidden Waddle Dees in Wondaria Remains a Mystery

There are 17 Hidden Waddle Dees to locate throughout Wondaria Remains’ four standard levels. Some are apparent, while others need skill and a covert plan. Others are hidden in the most inconspicuous areas of a level. 

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Welcome to Wondaria: All Hidden Waddle Dees 


In World 3’s Welcome to Wondaria level, there are four Hidden Waddle Dees. 

Welcome to Wondaria Waddle Dee 1, the first level of Wondaria Waddle Dee.

A red switch may be found in the second part of the level with the parade robots. When you press it, the first Waddle Dee will appear and a timer will begin. To get to it, make your way to the other side of the area in time. 

Wondaria Waddle Dee 2 is the sequel to Wondaria Waddle Dee.

To go to the next room, there will be two exits. If you climb the staircase to the right, you’ll find yourself next to a roller coaster track, where Kirby may go Coaster Mouth. You tilt to gather coins and flick switches in this series. Just before the conclusion, on your left, is the sequence’s last blue switch. When you hit it, the cage where the second Hidden Waddle Dee is kept will open up. 

Welcome to Waddle Dee 3 in Wondaria.

The next section has rotating purple platforms with carnival rides. Look for a sturdy platform on the left with a blue switch on one of these platforms. When you press the button, your next Hidden Waddle Dee will emerge on the rotating platform.  

Wondaria Waddle Dee 4 welcomes you.

While cleaning the dirty fountain, you may find the last Waddle Dee of Welcome to Wondaria. You don’t have to clean every inch of muck from the fountain to reach the finish of the level as Water-Balloon Kirby, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a secret companion. 

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Circuit Speedway’s Hidden Waddle Dees


In Wondaria Remains’ Circuit Speedway level, there are four Hidden Waddle Dees.

Waddle Dee Circuit Speedway 1

By finishing first in the race at the start, you may get the first Hidden Waddle Dee of the Speedway. Using Turbo Boosts and leaping, you must accomplish it in under 25 seconds. 

Waddle Dee 2 Circuit Speedway

After the race, you’ll need to roll a bomb down a ramp to activate a blue switch in the region. This will reveal a challenging area. This chamber has a more difficult bomb and switch problem that you must complete by securely rolling your bombs from one platform to the next. This will explode on the switch, opening the gate and revealing the second Waddle Dee. 

Waddle Dee Circuit Speedway 3

After fighting a Wild Edge in the center of the level, there will be a door leading to the next stage. To the right of the entrance, take a look. You’ll see a hidden tunnel behind some vegetation. This will take you straight to Circuit Speedway’s third Hidden Waddle Dee. 

Waddle Dee 4 Circuit Speedway 

Coming in top in the second race earns the fourth and final Hidden Waddle Dee of Circuit Speedway. Using shortcuts is the easiest method to do this. In our Wondaria Remains Hidden Missions guide, we detail where to discover the major ones. 

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The House of Horrors is being invaded by all of the hidden Waddle Dees.


In the Invasion at the House of Horrors stage, there are four Hidden Waddle Dees.

Waddle Dee 1: Invasion at the House of Horrors

The first one is on a little disguised route to the right, immediately before you approach the first section’s exit door. A floating box with an image of a Waddle Dee and a picture of a spiky Gordo alternates between the two. When the Waddle Dee appears, attack it.  

Waddle Dee 2: Invasion at the House of Horrors

The following two are discovered in the gloomy chamber, where you may gradually lighten the environment by using Light-Bulb Mouth Kirby. You’ll eventually come upon an arrow sign leading to a flight of steps with an Energy Drink perched atop. Jump up to the drink, then leap to the top of the stairs on the left. From there, look to the left for a platform with a hidden entrance leading to a challenge chamber. 

The Cutter ability is available in this chamber, as well as a puzzle involving another Waddle Dee and Gordo box. Send an attack through the opening in the fence once you pick up the Cutter and hold B. Run parallel to the box on the opposite side, and the cutter will bounce back to you.

On the way, turn on the box. When you release the button, make sure the box has just converted to the Waddle Dee symbol.

Waddle Dee 3: Invasion at the House of Horrors

There’s a secret passage to the right of the exit door at the conclusion of the dark area. In order to release a Hidden Waddle Dee, you must ignite and charge a battery there. Charge it up and then release go as soon as the meter fills up. If you hold it for another second, the room’s Ghost Gordo will attack you. 

Waddle Dee 4’s Invasion at the House of Horrors

During the Vending Machine Mouth part near the conclusion of House of Horrors, three cardboard aliens will appear in a row on your left. Shoot all of them from squarely in front of you. The last Hidden Waddle Dee is being obscured. 

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The Wondaria Dream Parade’s Hidden Waddle Dees


In the Wondaria Dream Parade level, there are five hidden Waddle Dees.

Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle De

Before going through the star door that leads to the second portion of the level, you can see the first Waddle Dee to your left. You’ll find this one floating in a cage across from a pit of thorns that you must avoid. 

Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle De

In the swampy region, look for three robots orbiting on a platform. There is a concealed entrance underneath them. To win the Waddle Dee, you must beat the hidden racing course in under 5.5 seconds.

It’s important not to inhale the automobile first. Inhale the cone in front of the automobile instead. To discover a switch, return to the automobile and Spike Downward on the gap on the floor behind it. By pressing this button, you will get a significant time advantage, allowing you to finish the race in less than 5 seconds. 

Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle De

The third Hidden Waddle Dee may be found near the conclusion of the muddy portion of Dream Parade. On the final enormous raised platform before the exit, inhale the opponent who grants you the Tornado ability. You’ll see this one coming up next. To get to a little platform above the hole where the escape door takes you out, hold down, forward, and the attack button (B). 

Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle De

Later in the level, you’ll come upon a faucet where you may drink water just as a horizontal procession of robots approaches. Before the procession, there is a gap and a cracked wall. As Water-Balloon Mouth Kirby, shoot the giant robots into the wall with your water spray. The wall will be weakened, allowing the next Hidden Waddle Dee to emerge. 

Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Waddle De

The last Waddle Dee of Wondaria Remains may be found at the scene when you are fleeing from robots. Look for a hole in the earth on the right side of the screen around halfway down. This will feature a switch that will open a second hole in the platform’s bottom left corner, where the Waddle Dee is waiting to be rescued. 

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In Wondaria Remains, that’s where you’ll locate all of the Hidden Waddle Dees. Natural Plains and Everbay Coast have locations, so go there if you’re seeking for them. Check out our dedicated guides area for additional information on how to locate Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s hidden treasures, including walkthroughs for Hidden Missions.

The “waddle dee” is a character in the Kirby and the Forgotten Land game. The waddle dee can be found hidden in every level of the game, but it’s very difficult to find them all.

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