King of Seas is a new sailing simulator that is immediately available on the iPhone and iPad, and is now coming to Android devices as well. The game puts players in the role of the captain of a ship who has to decide which course to follow, either a safe one or a risky one, which could have dramatic consequences for the crew. The storyline is set during the Spanish Armada, and players have to make decisions on what to do with their cargo and how to motivate the crew. You can be the hero and fight off the enemy by firing a cannon, but there are also more discreet options, such as offering the crew a reward for a safe voyage or a punishment for a risky one.

Over the years, I have noticed a huge difference in the way people pick out the best sports equipment. Today, not only is it more about appearance, but also functions and reliability. This is why I have made a bet with myself that, if I can find the best equipment and accessories for a given sport, I will win a big prize. This is my story about how I decided to make this bet and how I did it.

The sports world is a very competitive world. We have world champions, world cups, world championships, and the list continues. It is no surprise that we have all kinds of sports related products available to us. From the boot to the ball, we all know what it takes to play professional sports. But what about other types of sports like sailing?

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new pirate adventure game. While Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones is stuck in development hell and Rare continues to Sea of Thievessupport, 3DClouds has released aKing of SeasRPG with a decidedly old-school approach to sword-fighting pirates. This pirate-themed adventure is reminiscent of Sid Meier’s Pirates, a game based on a procedurally generated ocean world. With its strategic approach to combat, it won’t please everyone, but for those willing to sail the seven seas, it offers an excellent experience.

King of Seas Review: Time to sail

word-image-14870 If you play as Princess Maryla or Prince Luke, King of Seas begins with the mysterious death of the king. After returning from a short mission, the Royal Navy holds you responsible for his murder. Sentenced to imprisonment in Davy Jones’ cell by your former allies, you are soon rescued by the pirates of Eagle’s Lair, led by Captain D. Tomorrow, who takes you on as a recruit. Through a mission-based structure, you must help these new allies while Captain Tomorrow investigates your father’s death. It’s not a brilliant story that stays exactly the same no matter which character you choose to play. King of Seas requires some suspension of disbelief to accept what is going on; it serves to plug the leaks between points A and B, and provides an excellent backdrop for the rest of the game. There are five difficulty levels that allow you to adjust stats such as health, task bonuses and damage inflicted. At higher difficulty levels, the ship’s inventory is cleared when it sinks, and modifiers are added such as increasing the number of enemy ships. For the more adventurous, there is also the Permadeath option. Since King of Seas is procedurally generated, the world maps change from game to game, and only the enemy base remains constant. You’ll never experience the world twice, which increases the value of replay when you become fish food. word-image-14871 The progression of Sea King is also not strictly linear. Certain missions must be completed, whether it be delivering forbidden artifacts or transporting materials, but you are free to navigate these open waters as you see fit. The movement is based on hoisting the sails of the ship, taking into account the wind speed, so that three sails can be used simultaneously to reach the maximum speed. Since the King of Seas is not a simulator, the wind does not have much effect on the boat’s behavior, but cruising at maximum speed makes turning difficult and requires precise steering. During your sea voyages, you may notice glittering cargoes that give you gold that you can use to buy supplies and repair your ship. If you like fishing, you can buy a rod and reel, catch fish and then sell them to restaurants. There are often shipwrecks that can be looted for materials such as wood to build new boat parts. word-image-14872 After completing the first few sections of the game, customizing your ship will quickly unlock new skills that you can swap with the help of a carpenter in Eagle’s Den. This includes assigning specialists to the team for new types of attacks, such as. B. Flamethrower attack from the front of the ship. You can also buy new ships, each with a different maximum speed, a different cargo hold and a different number of cannons to shoot at enemy ships. If you already have a ship that you like, you can also upgrade it by buying improvements such as better cannons, better cannonballs and new sails. Whatever your strategy, there are many options. Other services are available at Eagle’s Lair: They can store excess cargo in the bank, sell/buy goods in the market, and recruit new crew members in the tavern if one of them has died in battle. word-image-14873 When you come back on land, there are also a lot of ships and, not surprisingly, not all of them are friendly. If they attack, or if you attack them first, you have two sets of cannons on the port and starboard sides of the ship. Each attack has a wait time that prevents you from spamming enemy ships. Each ship has three indicators that show the general condition of the ship (hull), the speed (sails), and the firing times (crew). If the hull gauge is empty, it’s game over, and worse, ships can’t be repaired until the end of the fight, which means you have to buy a repair kit or anchor in the Eagle’s Den and develop strategies in battles if you want to get out alive. Fencing is a combination of maneuvering and attacking, of shooting accurately without the rush of combat. Given the tight controls, the battles seem a bit complicated and require patience, which will probably put some people off. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a lot of fun destroying ships and capturing their loot.

King of Seas Review – The conclusion of



  • A fun exploration of the open world
  • Good customization options for your ship
  • Rewarding those who are patient
  • A solid presentation with an exciting soundtrack


  • The struggle can be very difficult
  • Slow burner
  • The open world is not very big
  • The story calls for a lack of faith…

All in all, King of Seas is an excellent insight into the life of a pirate. Granted, it’s a bit slow at first, and due to the more precise nature of the battles, 3DCloud’s new game won’t appeal to everyone, so I recommend trying the demo first. If you stick with the game, you can expect a fascinating world with fun exploration, in-depth combat and attractive graphics. Supported by an excellent soundtrack, it’s not superficial. [Note: 3DClouds provided a copy of King of the Seas used for this article].There are many different kind of sports games, but many of them are just luck-based games. King of Seas is a great example of this. When you first start playing you’ll notice that the game is not luck-based. The game plays like a slot machine, there are many different ways to win. You can either spin the spinner and get a jackpot or you can get lucky by getting more matches. There are also several different game modes and they are all different, you can play base, spin, treasure, coin and the classic.. Read more about king of seas vs sea of thieves and let us know what you think.

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