According to ESPN, more than $60 million was spent on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ summer league roster, which is a staggering number for a team that is expected to have a dramatically reduced playoff presence this year. Kevin Love, who is an All-Star and one of the best players in the NBA, is now on the free agent market. The 28-year-old forward reportedly wants a max contract, which the Cavs can’t afford, and he has already turned down a four-year, $120 million contract from the Golden State Warriors.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are turning into a mess, and they’re doing it at the worst time. The Cavs are a bad basketball team, and they’re in the middle of a historically bad stretch of basketball. Cleveland has won one game in the past month. The Cavs are the worst defensive team in the NBA, and they’re the worst shooting team in the NBA. They also have a payroll problem that is unrivaled in the league.

Kevin Love’s decision to sit out the Rio Olympics in favor of his personal health threatens to further cut into the Cavaliers’ already-thin margin for error. Given the Cavaliers’ history of underperforming when players miss significant time due to injury, Love’s absence isn’t the only problem the team has to face.. Read more about kevin love wife and let us know what you think.

The men’s national team of the United States of America is currently in Tokyo. However, one player who was anticipated to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will not be there. Kevin Love withdrew from the USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas following a ten-day stay.

In a highly panned choice, Love was one of the final players selected to the 12-man roster. JaVale McGee, a reserve center for the Denver Nuggets, took his place. Is Kevin Love’s absence from his second Olympic Games the end of the world? No. However, it generates much more questions than it answers.

Kevin Love hasn’t exactly been Mr. Reliable in recent months.

@excelbasketball agent Jeff Schwartz verified the news to ESPN and provided a statement from Love: “I am heartbroken that I will not be traveling to Tokyo with Team USA, but to compete at the Olympic level, you must be at top performance, and I am just not there yet.”

July 16, 2021 — Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn)

Kevin Love has been plagued by injuries, both big and little, throughout his NBA career. Only once in his 13 NBA seasons has he surpassed 80 points, and that was as a rookie. He’s missed at least five regular-season games every year since then.

It’s been a near-constant struggle to keep Love in uniform for the last five seasons. Love has missed 161 of 383 regular-season games since the 2016–17 season.

Love, who has a poor availability record, will also be 33 years old when training camp begins in September. Love has never been “the man” for the Cleveland Cavaliers since being moved from the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2014.

Love averaged 18.5 shots per game and 8.2 free-throw attempts each night in his last three seasons with Minnesota. Since arriving in Cleveland, he has averaged 12.8 shots per game and 4.2 foul shots per game. With the Timberwolves, Love never assumed the first-choice position.

Love averaged 18.5 shots per game and 8.2 free-throw attempts each night in his last three seasons with Minnesota. Since arriving in Cleveland, he has averaged 12.8 shots per game and 4.2 foul shots per game. With the Timberwolves, Love never assumed the first-choice position.

Love earns the salary of a superstar, but he hasn’t performed like one in more over a decade.

Kevin Love was acquired by the Minnesota Timberwolves in a draft-night trade with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2008, as part of an eight-player transaction. Love was re-signed by the Wolves to a four-year, $60.8 million contract when his rookie deal ended in 2012. Love re-signed with the Cavs in 2015 for five years and $113.2 million, then in 2018 he signed a four-year, $120.4 million contract with the team.

However, and this has been the case for some time, the returns have been dwindling. Love had his lowest scoring season since his rookie season in 2020–21, with only 25 points in 25 games. In 24.9 minutes a night, he averaged only 12.2 points and 7.4 rebounds (a career low) (also the lowest of his career). His total shooting percentage was 40.9 percent, including 36.5 percent from 3-point range.

Love’s 17.7-point per-36-minute average last season was his lowest since his first season with Cleveland in 2014–15. And, let’s face it, NBA big guys don’t grow much tougher when they approach their mid-thirties. As a result, the Cavaliers will have to make a difficult choice.

Love is still due $31.3 million for the 2019–20 season, as well as $28.9 million for 2022–23. There are no alternatives or assurances. Instead, Cleveland will be responsible for the full $60.2 million bill.

Kevin Love’s future with the Cavs is up in the air. They’re simply not very good alternatives.

Cleveland Cavaliers have considerable leeway in making a difficult Kevin Love choice.

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavalier reacts to a play

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavalier reacts to a play On April 19, 2021, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts during the fourth quarter of an NBA game at Little Caesars Arena versus the Detroit Pistons. | Getty Images/Nic Antaya

The Cavaliers have $1.46 million in dead money on their books for the next season and none beyond that. They’ve set aside $94.2 million for wages in 2021–22, $71.6 million for 2022–23, and $17.6 million for 2023–24.

If the Cavaliers choose to release Love and eat the remaining $60.2 million in salary space, they may do so before September 1 and stretch the cap impact over five years. After that, they’d be responsible for his full $31.3 million pay for the next season, with the rest spread out over three years, according to the CBA FAQ.

So, before Sept. 1, that would be $12.04 million per year for five seasons, or $9.63 million over three years if after that date.

A trade may not be possible since (a) they’d need a lot of money in return, and (b) no general manager in their right mind would give up genuine assets for Love right now. Aside from Love’s improbable return to form, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ best option is to eat the remainder of the contract. It will be painful, but not nearly as much as delaying the development of young players in order to give Kevin Love playing time.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provided the contract data.

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Kevin Love’s decision to leave Team USA Basketball has left a lot of people wondering what it means for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Love’s departure from the national team after just one game means that the Cavaliers now have one of the biggest holes in their lineup. While Love is certainly not the only reason for the Cavaliers’ struggles, the loss of their star big man means that the team will likely be in rebuilding mode for at least a few years.. Read more about kevin love height and let us know what you think.

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