Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is known for his skyhook, a shot that has been called the most unstoppable move in basketball. But even though he had the perfect weapon, he still needed to learn how to use it properly. In Game 2 of the 1985 Western Conference Finals, with the Lakers down 0-2 against the Houston Rockets, Abdul-Jabbar was on fire and scored 34 points in just 27 minutes. That night, however, he committed one of his first major mistakes as a pro player when he tried an ill-advised skyhook with three seconds left in regulation. The play led to a wild scene on the court but also gave Houston’s Akeem Olajuwon enough time to tie up the game at 111-111.

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In the 1985 Western Conference Finals, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Los Angeles Lakers were heavy favorites against the Denver Nuggets. After losing the 1984 championship to the Boston Celtics, LA was not only the better skilled team, but they were also hungry. The Nuggets, on the other hand, were not going to go down without a fight.

The Nuggets were on their way to a rout of the Lakers in Game 2 when a furious Abdul-Jabbar placed Denver’s Danny Schayes in a headlock as both benches emptied, igniting a chaotic scene in Los Angeles.

In Game 2 of the WCF against the Denver Nuggets, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar struggled.


Kareem-Jabbar-1-1024x697 During the 1982 NBA finals at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Los Angeles Lakers shoots a skyhook over a 76ers player. | Getty Images/Focus on Sport

In the mid-1980s, the Nuggets were one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA. Coach Doug Moe’s defense was an afterthought, thus you had to outscore them to defeat them. Following a 139-122 thrashing of the Nuggets in Game 1 in Los Angeles, the Lakers found themselves with their backs against the wall in Game 2.

Abdul-Jabbar struggled with his signature skyhook, connecting on just four of 16 attempts from the floor. Magic Johnson, meanwhile, had a bad shooting night, missing 11 of his 16 field-goal tries.

The Lakers didn’t have a good night.

At halftime, the Lakers were behind 66-59. The Nuggets then outscored the Lakers by 19 points in the fourth quarter to square the series at 136-114.

The victory, on the other hand, may have jolted Abdul-Jabbar and the rest of the Lakers awake.

In Game 2, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lost both his shooting and his cool.

In the fourth quarter of Game 2, things were extremely tense. Throughout the game, Abdul-Jabbar and Denver’s Danny Schayes battled in the paint. After pushing the Nuggets’ big man, Abdul-Jabbar had had enough of Schayes’ elbowing and was hit with a technical foul halfway through the quarter.

Schayes and Johnson were entangled and began fighting. Then came Abdul-Jabbar, who put Schayes in a headlock and wrestled him to the ground. The benches have been removed. Fans hurled objects onto the court.

According to United Press International, Moe said, “We were playing basketball.” “They were the ones who were tackling us and throwing elbows.”

Johnson had a different take on the situation.

“If you accept it when you’re struck, you’re going to be hit again and again,” he added. ‘You have to put an end to it.’ Schayes elbowed me in the eye, and I made the decision to stop him. Then everything went to hell.”

With 6:18 left in the game, Abdul-Jabbar was dismissed with his team losing 113-97.

The Lakers and Abdul-Jabbar won the following three games to reach the NBA Finals.

Moe was well aware that his side was the obvious underdog in the series and that they stood to lose nothing.

He stated after the game, “They won easily in the first game, and they believed they’d win easily in Game 2.” “When I first walked in here, I thought we had a chance to win. We didn’t win 52 games by accident. We aren’t minced liver. They’re still the clear favorite, and they may defeat us by 50 points. But it makes no difference to us. We don’t have anything to lose.”

The Nuggets then went on to lose their next three games. The brawl seemed to have jolted Abdul-Jabbar and the Lakers awake.

In Game 3, Abdul-Jabbar scored 27 points, and in Game 4, he scored 29. With a 153-109 win in Game 5, the Lakers put an end to the series at home.

The Lakers didn’t stop there, as they avenged themselves in the 1985 NBA Finals, defeating the Celtics in six games after letting the title slip away the previous season.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Honored His Promise to Never Turn Into Sugar Ray Leonard

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lacked Skyhooks but Added a Headlock That Triggered Wild Scene in Game 2 of the 1985 Western Conference Finals. On November 6, 1985, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Houston Rockets. In game 2 of the series, at 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the second quarter, Kareem took a hard foul from Rudy Tomjanovich that knocked him to the floor. He then got up and threw a headlock on Rudy which caused an all out brawl between both teams. Reference: kareem abdul-jabbar 1985.

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