Aaron Rodgers and his four-year, $134 million contract extension have been a lightning rod for criticism this season. The Green Bay Packers’ signal-caller put up some big-time fantasy numbers in the first few weeks of the season, but has been wildly inconsistent since then. Now, former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi seems to think that he has found the solution to Green Bay’s problems: trading for Julio Jones.

With their star quarterback typically not a fan of the spotlight, the Green Bay Packers will do something unexpected: swap out their top wide receiver for the best player on the New England Patriots. Decked out in a helmet and shoulder pads, former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi told a Boston radio station that Aaron Rodgers would be willing to negotiate a contract extension with the team if the Packers made a trade that sent Julio Jones to Green Bay.

Tedi Bruschi has an impressive resume as a footballer. Three Super Bowl rings and a recurring offense at age 31 bring a lot of credibility. But in an effort to provide an update on Aaron Rodgers’ situation with the Green Bay Packers, Bruschi talked a lot about two possible solutions. One of them didn’t make any sense at all. Rogers was supposed to be in Hawaii this week. That’s interesting, considering that most of the Packers’ remaining players participate in so-called voluntary team activities in the offseason. (They used to be called mini-camps, but as with everything, long names are better, right?) To add to the intrigue in Packer-land, Green Bay’s top five receivers are also absent from OTAs. So when Rodgers leaves Tilttown, the next person to take his place, Jordan Love, gets to develop his timing and interaction with the shooting net.

Tedy Bruschi setting: Make Aaron Rodgers happy to stay if you don’t

If you want to make it right, this is what you should do: Apologize to Aaron Rodgers and trade Jordan Love for Julio Jones.@TedyBruschi on what the Packers need to do if they want to keep Aaron Rodgers pic.twitter.com/0n2IuzreTt – Get Up (@GetUpESPN) 25 May 2021 When ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne hosted his last SportsCenter show, Aaron Rodgers was one of his guests. As always, Rogers had something to say. And as usual, Rogers made his main points by what he didn’t say. Congratulations to almost everyone in and around the Packers – coaches, teammates, fans. However, management was not involved. And then Teddy Bruschi shows up with an offer: Make Aaron Rodgers happy by buying him a big gun. As Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones has become a favorite target of trade rumors, Bruschi explained it simply. Trade lava for Jones. It’s not so bad, is it? Rogers no longer has the unpleasant thought that an heir is looking over his shoulder. He also has a Pro Bowler caliber receiver (at least through 2019) to throw to. But in a subsequent breath, Bruschi moved on to the absolute need to trade Rodgers because the veterans don’t want to be distracted by questions about Rodgers if he stays. It was an immediate change of direction for former midfielder Bruschi. It was almost fit for a wide reception. Maybe if he’s not too busy, he can take a few trips to Love.

First the obvious: Getting Julio Jones for Jordan Love is not possible

word-image-11470 word-image-11471 Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers stands by Jordan Love. | Stacy Revere/Getty Images According to Over The Cap, the Green Bay Packers have just over $2.5 million in salary cap space. Jordan Love has a cap hit of about $2.8 million. Atlanta Falcons has about $338,000. Julio Jones has a cap hit of $23.05 million. This would have narrowly missed the deal proposed by Bruschi. Over $20 million. That amount still doesn’t include the $23.25 million the Falcons will have to pay if the deal goes through for Week 1. The month of June will take place. After the 1. June brings that number down to $7.75 million, but that’s not in the range of $338,000. At least not without a lot of pushing and shoving. By the way, Green Bay will get $4.9 million and other available funds if they can beat Love before the 1st round. June trading. The $1.64 million after the 1st. June is at least the ceiling (even if Jones’ salary isn’t).

How will Aaron Rodgers’ situation evolve?

The man at the center of this confrontation between Aaron Rodgers and general manager Brian Gutekunst is coach Matt LaFleur. The job of a professional football coach almost always involves controlling the situation. From that perspective, it should be tough for LaFleur, as his workouts were severely limited during the offseason. But he’s saying the right things, according to ESPN’s Rob Demowski. I just want it to be about the guys who are here now. We’ll keep working on it, and hopefully Rodgers can get back in the building. Matt LaFleur Gutekunst has made it clear that Rodgers is not available on the trade market. But if the modern history of professional sports teaches us anything, it’s that the trading market is open to all. But only if the price is right. The time between OTAs and training camp will not be dull for the Green Bay Packers team and their fans. Unbearable? It is possible. But certainly not boring. COMPARED TO: Aaron Rodgers must accept that the Packers will not bend to his will

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