After the Celtics lost to Miami, Brown was asked about his disappointment by reporters. He responded with “I’m not frustrated.” What did he mean?

Jaylen Brown’s famous 2 words hint at more frustration with the Boston Celtics. The two words that Jaylen Brown said were “I’m tired.”. Read more in detail here: jaylen brown.

Everyone who works for the Boston Celtics must be upset. When the Celtics experienced their worst defeat of the season Monday night, players, coaches, front-office executives, and fans all reached a new low. Boston lost another big second-half lead, but this time against a weak Minnesota Timberwolves club that was without all five starters. With 26 points, Jaylen Brown led the Celtics, but he was plainly disappointed when it was all said and done.

Despite Jaylen Brown’s 26 points, the Boston Celtics set a new low.


Jaylen-Brown-Celtics-1-1024x682 On December 22, 2021, in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown is seen during the third quarter of a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at TD Garden. | Getty Images/Omar Rawlings

The Celtics went out and pulled it off just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for them. Sure, the Celtics were missing two-time All-Star Jayson Tatum, who was undergoing NBA health and safety procedures. Yes, the Celtics were without Marcus Smart and Dennis Schroder, but that was nothing compared to the Wolves, who were without all five starters.

The Celtics, who are notorious for squandering double-digit leads in the second half, did it again after leading the Wolves 56-45 at halftime. In a 108-103 win, Minnesota outscored Boston 63-47 in the second half, dropping the Celtics to 16-18.

At the postgame press conference, effort and hustle were major issues, as they had been all season.

According to ESPN, Celtics head coach Ime Udoka remarked, “One of the worse defeats of the year.” “A squad as depleted as ours just outworked us.” Overall, a really haphazard attempt.”

The Celtics are no strangers to a lack of effort. It was a recurring theme in their home opening, a humiliating defeat to the Toronto Raptors. After that game, Tatum brought it up.

According to Mass Live, Tatum commented at the time, “We know why we lost.” “They simply played tougher and harder than we did.” It wasn’t a difficult task. We’re all professionals who have reached adulthood. We were able to comprehend what had occurred.” 

After yet another humiliating defeat, Jaylen Brown was visibly irritated.

Al Horford said the team is “searching” and “needs to look in the mirror,” and Jaylen Brown was questioned about it.

Brown said, ” “Looking in the mirror and searching? Nah. There will be no more remark.”

December 28, 2021 — Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA)

The Celtics have spent the whole season hovering around.500, and they are suddenly two games behind. Last season, they went 36-36, which was not good enough for a team with two young All-Stars in Tatum and Brown.

Frustration grew during the season last year. Losing enraged the players, who also seemed irritated by the game’s approach. A reporter queried Brown about the team’s ball movement after the team’s humiliating defeat to the Washington Wizards. Brown didn’t answer for ten seconds. When he finally said anything, he said “no remark.”

After the Wolves’ defeat, the same two phrases came up again.

Al Horford, a veteran Celtics center, claimed the team is “searching” for its identity. “We have to look in the mirror,” he remarked.

When asked whether he agreed with Horford’s assessment, Brown immediately returned to those two words.

“Are you gazing in the mirror and searching?” he inquired. “No remark,” says the narrator.

The Celtics are in dire need of a makeover.

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The Celtics had a huge front-office makeover this summer. Danny Ainge, the president of basketball operations, resigned and is now the general manager of the Utah Jazz. Brad Stevens, the club’s head coach for the previous eight years, replaced Ainge, and Udoka was appointed to lead the team.

Changes in the front office, on the other hand, aren’t what this club needs.

Tatum and Brown have always been regarded as the Celtics’ “future.” It’s past time for them to join the present. Boston has been the image of mediocrity for the last two years.

If effort continues to be a problem, Udoka may have to be the first to depart. If not Udoka, Tatum or Brown should at the very least be considered. Nobody else on Boston’s roster is expected to make a meaningful contribution. Stockpiling selections isn’t the solution, as we’ve seen with Ainge’s prior moves, so trading a non-star for draft capital makes little sense.

As it stands, this squad isn’t going anywhere. It’s been mediocre for the last two seasons, and Tatum, Brown, Smart, and Horford are a quintet that has to be better than.500.

Brown or Tatum will return with a lot of skill. More significantly, a move involving one of them will bring in fresh talent, something the Celtics urgently need.

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