The Boston Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets 128-86 on Wednesday night, and Jaylen Brown had a great performance to get fans excited. The third year player said after the game that “we’re just taking it one game at a time,” which was met with disappointment by some who wanted him to say something more optimistic.

Jaylen Brown’s “3-word comment after destroying the Nets should have Celtics fans encouraged.” was made on December 27th, 2016. It is a quote from Jaylen Brown after he destroyed the Brooklyn Nets with 34 points in a game that Boston won by 28 points. Read more in detail here: jaylen brown.

The Boston Celtics are performing as expected by many NBA observers. The Celtics are beginning to make noise in a congested Eastern Conference after a roller-coaster season that saw them entrenched in mediocrity for the most of the season. Celtics guard Jaylen Brown wasn’t overjoyed after his team’s sixth consecutive victory against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday.

Brown’s brief post-game statement, on the other hand, should finally make Celtics supporters feel good about themselves.

The Boston Celtics, led by Jaylen Brown, are on a tear.


Jaylen-Brown-Boston-Celtics-1024x682 On January 15, 2022, in Boston, Massachusetts, Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics looks on during a game versus the Chicago Bulls at TD Garden. | Getty Images/Maddie Malhotra

Although the competition hasn’t been ideal, the Celtics have been at their best over the previous two weeks. They haven’t lost since a road loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 28. They enter Friday’s home game against the Denver Nuggets on a six-game winning run.

Brown started the winning streak with a 31-point performance against the New Orleans Pelicans, and he added 29 points in Boston’s most spectacular triumph, a 122-92 victory over the top-seeded Miami Heat. In a rout of the Nets, he scored 22 points in only 27 minutes. During this time, the Celtics have also beaten the Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic, and Detroit Pistons.

Sure, the competition in those six games hasn’t been the best, but Boston wouldn’t have won all six games earlier in the season. The Celtics improved to 31-25 in eighth place in the Eastern Conference with their victory over the weakened Nets on Tuesday. They are 4.5 games behind the leaders.

The Celtics struggled early on and throughout the season under first-year coach Ime Udoka. Marcus Smart openly chastised Brown and Jayson Tatum for not throwing the ball, indicating that the team’s chemistry and offensive strategy were in doubt. Udoka also threw a challenge to the squad following their dismal performance.

The Celtics have won three of their six games by a margin of 30 points or more, including their previous two. They’re doing well, but that was anticipated from the start. Fans, coaches, and players all appreciated it. So there wasn’t a whole lot of dancing about in the locker room as the Celtics humiliated the Nets 126-91 in their previous game.

After the game, Brown said three things that summed up the team’s mindset.

When asked how enjoyable the blowout victory was, Brown answered, “no gratification whatsoever,” according to CLNS Media.

He said, “I just keep repeating it over and over again – one game at a time.” “That’s all there is to it.” And it is here that we must maintain our attention. There’s nothing to be pleased about; we can’t afford to lose our edge, get complacent, or content.”

Brown’s words indicate that he and the club have considerably greater expectations than they have shown during the first 56 games of the season. He’s pleased that they’re discovering new methods to win, but he’s not satisfied with the overall picture.

He stated, “I’m happy that we’re now discovering methods to win games.” ‘However, we don’t have anything to be proud of.’ We’ve still got a lot more games to play, so we’ve got to keep going.”

Brown understands that any setbacks in a huge market like Boston would be magnified.

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The Celtics aren’t as terrific as they seem to be right now, but they aren’t as dreadful as they were earlier in the season. Expectations are high in Boston with two rising talents like Brown and Tatum.

Last season, the squad ended with a 36-36 record, and the Nets knocked them out in the first round of the playoffs. For the most of the season, Boston was stuck at or below.500, causing concern among Celtics supporters.

Brown is well aware of how fervent the Boston media and fans can be. He understands that expectations are usually high, and he admits that playing in a city like Boston may be challenging.

After the blowout win against the Nets, he commented, “I am happy of our players for continuing to be tenacious, to keep going.” “Navigating the pressures of being in Boston, as well as the high expectations.” It’s not going to be easy.”

For the time being, Celtics supporters will take Brown’s three-word statement as a sign that more is on the way.

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