What’s the future of competitive gaming? There are some who believe that it will be for professional athletes and gamers only, while others see a day where anyone can play. When you think about players like Shaq and Kobe, how do their skills compare to people playing today?

“It’s like Shaq and Kobe” is a comparison of two NBA players, one being Shaquille O’Neal and the other being LeBron James. They are both considered to be very large in stature, but they have different playing styles. Read more in detail here: shaq and lebron.

After a dramatic finale against the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs left everyone’s mouths hanging wide. Josh Allen apparently had too much time on his hands to leave Patrick Mahomes, as the Chiefs tied the game and forced overtime.

Kansas City won the coin toss in overtime and completed the game with a Travis Kelce touchdown grab, ending the Bills’ season at Arrowhead Stadium for the second year in a row. With a fantastic NBA comparison, wide receiver Tyreek Hill showed his admiration for head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy after the victory.

After a dramatic finale against the Bills, Tyreek Hill gave his coaches a huge vote of confidence.

Hill couldn’t control himself after a stunning victory – and probably the finest game in NFL history. The Chiefs and Bills went head-to-head, and Mahomes became the grim reaper following Reid’s request with 13 seconds remaining.

Despite the fact that it didn’t make logic, the Chiefs won and advanced to the AFC Championship Game for the fourth consecutive season.

Hill expressed his admiration for his whole squad, but he stressed the significance and quality of his head coach and offensive coordinator.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. That’s a fantastic contrast between Reid and Bieniemy.

The combination has done wonders in Kansas City, instilling confidence in the Chiefs in every game — even when there are just seconds left on the clock.

This time was no exception, and unfortunately for the Bills, the Shaq and Kobe duo devised a superb strategy.

Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy are a great combination, and they might win another Super Bowl.

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill gave Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy a huge compliment.

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill gave Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy a huge compliment. Tyreek Hill, Andy Reid, and Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs offensive coordinator | David Eulitt/ Getty Images

The Reid-Bieniemy combination is ideal. Following Hill’s comparison of Shaq and Kobe, the Chiefs’ head coach shared his perspective on himself.

Andy Reid on Tyreek Hill calling him and OC Eric Bieniemy “Shaq & Kobe”:

“Do you think I’m Shaq?”

— Brandon Zenner (@NPNowZenner) January 24, 2022

Regardless, these two have managed to make it work. Before being promoted to offensive coordinator, Bieniemy was the Chiefs’ running backs coach from 2013 to 2017. The Chiefs were #1 in the NFL in yards per game and points scored when he took over the offense in 2018.

The Chiefs have been almost unstoppable since then. Sure, most of it can be ascribed to Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill’s brilliance, but Bieniemy is the guy behind the glass.

After all, there’s a reason he’s gotten a lot of buzz in the coaching world over the previous several offseasons.

Could the Kobe and Shaq partnership with the Chiefs be coming to an end?

Bieniemy has sparked a lot of interest in the open head coaching positions once again. He interviewed with the Houston Texans and other teams last season, but Houston chose David Culley, who was sacked after one season.

This time around, Bieniemy’s name has floated, and he interviewed with the Denver Broncos after they moved on from Vic Fangio.

Bieniemy will get a head coaching position sooner or later, and responses like the one above are why he should be a top contender in the NFL.

The Bieniemy-Reid partnership will come to an end at some time, but no one knows when. Perhaps Bieniemy is waiting for Reid to retire before assuming command of the Chiefs.

Despite this, Shaq and Kobe are one win away from making their third consecutive Super Bowl appearance and hosting their fourth consecutive AFC championship game.

That seems like a great coaching team.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

‘Go Be the Grim Reaper,’ Chiefs HC Andy Reid Says to Patrick Mahomes Before Unbelievable 13-Second Drive

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