The game is a puzzle platformer where the player controls two characters simultaneously. One character is in the foreground and one character is in the background, with each character having different abilities. The goal of the game is to find all of the hidden blocks that make up the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Deathloop is a game in which players must escape a death loop by jumping through portals. Sepulchra Breteira is the level that requires the player to jump onto the spike on the right side of the screen.

In Deathloop, there are a lot of excellent firearms and weapons, but one in particular is both amazing and useful: the Sepilchra Breteira. It’s a one-of-a-kind sniper rifle that you’ll want to have in your arsenal, and it’s quite simple to get. But how can you get your hands on this famous weapon?

The tutorial below will show you how to get the legendary sharpshooter Sepilchra Breteira in Deathloop. 

A large, blue present box in Updaam square in the afternoon snow.

In the afternoon, go to Updaam. You will hear a voice shortly after you arrive saying that there is a present waiting for someone to pick it up. That’s where you’ll end up.

Make your way to Colt’s residence, fighting or sneaking as necessary. When you get to the apartment, go around the building to the far side, toward the open plaza. You’ll see a large gift waiting for you!

You’ll notice a bakery if you look back in the direction of Colt’s flat. A sniper is positioned in an open window on the second story, ready to shoot whomever opens the big booby-trapped gift. 

The Updaam bakery with a sniper perched in the window and large weather balloons overhead.

Rather of falling into the trap, leap through the bakery window, where the sniper and a couple of their buddies await you. Suffocate them in whatever way you choose, then begin looking for their remains. The Sepilchra Breteira, a powerful rifle with a changeable scope, is in the hands of the sniper. 

Sepilchra Breteira may drop with a variety of benefits. If the one you discovered on this run isn’t to your liking, come back to Updaam on any afternoon. Return to the bakery’s room and reintroduce yourself to your sniper friend. This is essentially a reroll, and you can get rid of the sniper you don’t want in exchange for Residuum.

In Deathloop, that’s how you acquire the Sepilchra Breteira sniper weapon. Remember to infuse your new gun since it’s something you’ll want to have on hand at all times. Stay tuned for more of Deathloop’s finest tips and techniques.  

Deathloop is a popular first person shooter game. In the game, players have to run around and kill as many enemies as they can before dying themselves. One of the weapons that can be unlocked by playing the game is Sepilchra Breteira. Reference: deathloop gold weapons.

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